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Top 8 Tricks to Increase Google AdSense Earning



Know that secrets that how to increase Google AdSense Earning and how to make money online. Read these simple tricks and make earn more from your blog.

Every AdSense approved blogger have a question in his/her mind that how to increase my Google AdSense earning. The reality is only AdSense approbation and placing advertising code is not enough to make money with Google. Besides all of this, you need to use some basic and white hat tips to make a boost in your AdSense earning.

Here I am going to describe top 8 tricks to give you some exact ideas so that you can get some good amount of revenue from Google.

Before that, if you are not getting AdSense approbation then here are my top tricks for you to get Google approbation.

Publish Regular Content

If you are running a blog then definitely you have the idea that the content is the king. If your blog has good quality content then you will get traffic and traffic mean revenue. Make a content publication schedule and follow that to get a broad range of traffic. Also, regular content helps you to increase your blog’s DA and also decrease the Alexa rank and it will be the cause of high paying advertises.

Block Low Paying Categories

A great way also available for you if you want to display high paying ads in your blog which is block low-paying categories. You can block low budget categories so that your revenue gets a standard digit. But remember that before blocking any category, you should do your research to make it confirm. Try to get some proper idea that which categories are low budget then block them and your earning will be increased from AdSense.

Select Proper Place to Advertise

To increase AdSense earning, you need to select the proper places in your blog for displaying the advertisements so that you can get the maximum impression from a visitor and clicks from them. The most important place for advertising is the header of your blog. Basically, a header gets high paying ads and then the side panel of your blog. By placing ads on the side panel, you will get the maximum impression from visitors.

Now come to the content. If you write small contents then place the ads before starting the content and after ending the content. But if your content has huge words, I mean if you post big contents then besides placing starting and ending, you should place ads in the middle of the content.

Use Different Ad Units

This is a big mistake; maximum bloggers do which is placing ad codes from the same ad unit. This process decreases your revenue. Place codes by creating different ad units. For example, place advertises codes on a header by creating an ad unit but don’t use the same ad unit for your side panel. This process will give you multiple impression for a single visit.

Use Link Ads

Link ads also a great way to increase your ad clicks. As we all know that Google shows ads based on your topic or content but still sometimes it’s irrelevant but with link ads, you will get relevant ads in 99% cases so it increases the chances of clicks. Also, a great idea is to place link ads in the middle of your content because there has more than 30% chance to get clicks by placing it in the middle of the content.

Know how to create link ads.

Stop Other Advertisers

Yes, sometimes for faster revenue we use other publisher’s ads on our blog besides Google ads but it’s not a good idea. You should understand that the Google is the best option for online revenue and AdSense offers a broad range of options to maximise the earning. If you don’t have enough traffic then no one is going to offer you a good amount so just try to increase your traffic and use the AdSense and believe me, Google will pay you back for your hard work.

Organic Traffic from U.S.A or U.K

Many people complain that they don’t get actual revenue according to their traffic but you should understand that AdSense performs well with organic traffic more than direct traffic. So try to get organic traffic by doing perfect on-page optimisation. Start targeting traffic from countries such as USA, UK, and Canada. This will give you high CPC.

Do Your Own Experiment

If you are a full-time blogger then you have a lot of opportunities to try new ideas for gaining the maximum. Above mentioned tricks can help you to increase our earning but still you should try new ideas every day. For example, you can play with link colours and see which link colour is giving you the maximum CTR.

Feel free to share more tips with our readers.