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Ultimate Guidelines to Approve Google Adsense Account



Best tricks to get Adsense approbation from Google. Know how to active your google Adsense account and earn money from Google.

Every blogger has a dream that Google will approve his/her blog for Adsense. Only a blogger knows the value of AdSense because Adsense is not only a source of money, it means your blog is approved by Google for displaying advertisement, it says that you are going to the right way. Also, it proves that everything in your website is going properly.

Before discussing the approbation process of AdSense, let’s discuss what is Adsense. Basically, it is a program runs by Google. If your blog or website is approved by Google for displaying advertise then Google will display ads on your website. The topic of the advertise will depend on your blog topic. Suppose your blog is related to digital marketing then Google will show that topic related advertisements. But sometimes this logic does not work.

Okay, okay, I know you want to know that how much Google pay for displaying ads. Truly say I don’t know the exact amount. Yes, I know that many websites or blogs claim that Google pays 68% amount to the ad publisher, but I never read any article or information published by Google.

Now come to the main subject, how you can get approved by Google for Adsense?

First of all, you should keep in mind that there are no exact process which will give you 100% security that Google will approve you but still there have many ways that maximize your chances. I am going to share my personal experience on Adsense activation. There have many points need be followed such as

Domain Age

Domain age plays a great role in your AdSense activation. Yes, I heard it. Again I heard it.

I heard it because I never face it.

Yes, never. When I started my blog, I have read many other blogs and according to their knowledge, your domain should 6 months old otherwise Google will never approve you for AdSense. Even I have read many blogs and according to their words, Google has announced that you need at least 6 months old blog for getting approbation for AdSense.

I already mentioned that I am going to share you my own experience and knowledge. Fist of all, Google never announces anything itself. Yes, sometimes any well known Google employee announced something through social media or any other channel. You believe or not, I got my approbation just after 1 month from the starting date of my blog and that time I had only 8 or 10 posts. I just followed some basic rules and I got approbation after my first application.


Now come to the king because the content is the king. Yes, without appropriate and fresh content there is no one in the world who can approve your Adsense application. Give regular post in your blog and your content have to be fresh and unique. One more thing you have to remember that your content should have more than 600 words. I mean make it big and play with words. Remember that only content can help you to get the approbation


As we all know, pictures give life to a blog post. Just imagine a blog without a single picture. It is not a matter that how much information you give in a blog if your blog is without any picture or image then it will look like a dying tree. So what is the best way to collect some pictures?

I know the best way. Search on Google and download it and then upload it with your post. But by this way, you will never approve by Google because those pictures have copyright issues and Google will take it as a copied image. So, what is the best way? Many websites are available who offer free licensed images for commercial use. You can download them according to your needs. Here two main websites I am giving



There is a big confusion that how many visitors you need to get approval from Google. Even there is no exact information about this. I have the answer for you. There is no magical number of visitors you need for getting approval. Yes, it is true. Google will approve you if they find any income possibility by showing ads on your blog. So, they only depend on the future of your blog.

When I got approval for AdSense, I had 10 to 15 visitors every day. So, do not think about visitors, just do your best work and the visitor will automatically come to you.

One Special Trick

At last, I would like to add one special trick for you. Open your Adsense account by using your email which has your domain name like [email protected] or [email protected] It shows extra trust to Google. I am not saying that you have to do this or if you do this you will get 100% approval but still it will increase your chances.

Google Adsense is just like a savings bank account so try hard. This is the only legal way you can earn when you are sleeping.

Don’t be panic if Google reject your Adsence application, apply again with fixing the issue which were mention in email by Google. Even I got approvation after 6 time rejection.

Hope this article will help you to get the Adsence approval quickly. Thank you for reading the article, subscribe our newsletter to get such as trips and tricks in your mailbox for free.


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