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Metronome (MET) cryptocurrency is launched to bring great challenges to existing cryptocurrency categories. The three major design principles of Metronome coin include self-governance, reliability and portability. Metronome is created by “Bloq”, a blockchain technology company known for its enterprise-grade software – including the BloqEnterprise and BloqThink suite. The company includes a team of blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Whenever a new coin hits the market, a lot of things buzzes in our mind and one common thing everyone will be looking forward is what Metronome can do those other cryptocurrencies cannot? Cross-chain export and import of MET will provide efficient failure recovery by quickly migrating from one blockchain to another. Also on automatic blockchains, MET provides recurring payments and subscriptions which other cryptocurrencies cannot provide.

8,000,000 MET tokens (10 million, less the 20% one-time author retention) will be available for sale to the public with a “descending price auction”. Initially, the starting price will be fixed as a maximum of 2 ETH per MET and floor price of 0.0000033 ETH.

Also, MTN will also be minted daily, again through public descending price auction. The daily minted volume will be either 2880 MTN per day, or an annual rate equal to 2% of the then-outstanding supply per year.

Now let’s check what are the components of Metronome Coin. Metronome is comprised of four fully-autonomous and cooperative smart contracts.

1.Metronome Ledger ERC20 – This the smart contract ledger of the token.

  1. Auctions Contract – This smart contract interacts with the above-discussed ledger to form the rules for the descending price auctions.
  2. Autonomous Proceeds Provider (two contracts) – Automatically provides supply between MET and ETH.

It comprises of the two contracts:

  • Proceeds Contract
  • Autonomous Converter Contract

Now What blockchains are MET compatible with?

Initially, as per the sources Metronome will be initially issued on Ethereum with Ethereum Classic, Rootstock, and Qtum. As the development continues we can hope that it will become compatible with many even more blockchains.

Though Metronome coin was launched as a cryptocurrency that will run for 100’s of years, there are certain risks involved with MET. These include chain dependence problems like chain mutability and Contract attacks which can be either technical or economical. Unique features like instead of founders users are in full control of the future development of Metronome. Bloq, the founders of Metronome, will have no control after the initial launch.

Even in 2018, network marketing is widely accepted and adopted worldwide in many nations. It is a business offering more opportunity for wealth to hundreds of thousands people globally than any other forms of business. But there are many reasons why people fail to succeed in this field. Here are some major factors regarding this.

1. Seeking only monetary gains:

Many people enter network marketing business only for earning an infinite amount of money easily within a short period of time. Most network marketers fail because they are too income-driven. The enter into business without any proper planning and only look forward to make big money.

2. Lack of proper training:

Majority of people entering into network marketing are new to this field and therefore they lack knowledge about MLM rules and policies, compensations, rank advancements, etc. Even though some companies provide training to their members, there are still many companies which don’t provide the detailed picture of their business scenario. As a network marketing professional you should find time to collect resources and get trained yourselves before doing the business.

3. Don’t get despaired:

The road to success in network marketing is covered with lots of pits and falls. There will be bumps in the way to success and you may fall down. Learn the lessons from the failure and make continuous improvement to reach the victory. Network marketing is like that; you won’t succeed right away. Never lose hope because many successful people in network marketing also have faced such dreadful situations before tasting the sweetness of their success.

4. Lack of knowledge:

Many people venturing into business have less knowledge about the company and its management. Also, they don’t even know details about the products which they are selling. Do a proper research on the company you are considering to join for MLM. Make sure that you will be able to sell the products with which the company does the business.

5. Lack of self-development:

What if you are not doing anything from your side and blaming others for failing in the business. To be distinctive, develop your skills. It requires attending lots of conferences and big events outside your company’s planned events. We all use the internet, read articles and try to collect maximum information from that. Make use of the latest technologies and software to perform your tasks easy.

6. Lack of hard work:

You should really work hard especially during the initial period to succeed in this business. Try to contact customers and tell them about your MLM products. Many of them may not be showing interest. Don’t get depressed continue and knock all the doors. Once they show interest to make them convinced with your business. Try to give your 100% so that one day you will surely win.

7. Compensation plan:

There are many reasons why compensation plans can be a major cause of failure for network marketing companies, it is because

  • The compensation plan is designed to generate high profit for the company rather than high rewards and benefits for distributors.
  • The compensation plan has a low distributor retention rate.
  • Limited payout with many restrictions.

Make sure that thecompensation plan which company offers suits your goals.

Succeeding in MLM is not an easy task. A well focused and planned approach is definitely required to build a strong basement. Once the basement is strong you can easily make huge money with much less risks.


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