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How To Search On Google For Any Information



For finding any kind of information, we search in popular search engine Google but we don’t get the appropriate answer or information which we are looking for. In that case we suggest some tips and tricks that help you in searching on Google.

Google Search

There are different techniques according to information type. Here I define one by one, by following these tips you will be a search engine hero..

Here are the following :

1. Either This or That

Example:Keyword1 or Keyword2 (Katrina or Dipika).

2. Searching Using Synonyms

Example:Main word ~related word (Health ~food).

3. Searching for a title or URL

Example:To find a specific url just type “site:url” (
and to find a specific title just write on Google “intitle:keyword” (intitle:Worlds Latest Trends). 

 4. Searching Within Websites

5. When Lots of Words are Missing

Example: If lots of word are missing then just type “AROUND”.

6. Use a Time Frame

Example:Find information between a time frame (keyword+space+Year+to+year).

7. Finding Similar Websites

Example: For similar website search just type “related:” then put your url. (

8. For Whole Phrases

Example: For whole phrases just type your keyword in invertedcomma (“Keyword”).

9. Unimportant Search Words

Example: Keyword -(Unimportant Word).

10. Power of The Asterisk

Example: For any calculation just type on Google Search and hit Enter.



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