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Computer Tips

Some Awesome Computer Tricks That Change Your Life



In today’s topic I will share some important computer tips and tricks that can make your computer life a whole lot easier and more fun. This little tips and advice also help to increase your computer’s speed.

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1. Don’t Use Alt+Ctrl+Del : Use Control+Shift+Esc instead.
2. Clear Your Cache : To clear cache and refresh the page press Ctrl+Shift+R
3. How Find Banded Website : We find a website that is unavailable or offline and you cannot seem to access it. Just copy the website URL and pest it to . They have a preserved copy to acess.
4. Reverse Image search : Hold S and right click on the image.
5. Open a Browser Notepad : Just write this into the address bar of your browser and hit Enter.
6. Directly access your browser address bar : Press F6 or Ctrl + L.

7. Freeze Task Manager: Hold Ctrl key.

8. Delete one word at a time: Press Ctrl + Backspace.

9. Rename file name: Press F2.

10. Open applications at taskbar: Press Windows key + Sequence number of the application. Do the same to minimize and maximize it.

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