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The main concept of any electronic appliances is electricity. There are some direct connections from home-lines to large machines like refrigerators, TVs, computers etc. While some devices like cell phones can be charged by using portable chargers. In this case, lithium-ion is quite popular.  There is also a lithium-ion battery of all time companions with Smartphones. With the increase in battery life, its usability decreases. However, chargeable batteries are not damaged by using it correctly

If your mobile phone got damaged due to some technical issue, you can easily repair your mobile phone in Nanaimo. Mobile phone repair in Nanaimo will give you complete protection to your Smartphone with affordable price. According to a recent report, Smartphone battery is not worth 100% rather than it has been advised that to keep your phone charged up to 40-50% above.  This means that if your Smartphone battery is always kept in 40-80% then it will give you the best performance.


Bad network service is sometimes harmful to our phone battery backup. Battery power is used extensively for the use of internet and voice call services in the areas where the network is far worse than your network capabilities. It is because of the recurrent times. You can simply turn on flight mode in these places for your battery survival.  If you turn on the flight mode then the mobile network is completely disconnected. You can’t make any calls or use your internet. But you can work on Wi-Fi in flight mode.  If you don’t need to access the high-speed internet or there is no 3G or 4G network where you are living, then you can easily use your internet in 2G internet. This will somehow save your battery life.


Your Smartphone apps may give you notification for a number of different reasons. Facebook comment, messenger message, WhatsApp message due to this phone’s battery is incurring. These applications are refreshed in the background to show a new message in a timely fashion. You can easily turn off the notification message on your phone. Once you see what a difference that makes, you can try re-enabling just the most important ones and possibly reducing their polling frequency in this process. By turning off the notification will stop the processors from checking on it from time to time. It will make your Smartphone battery life last longer.

Tactical Use of GPS

You can use your GPS while movement but Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, these applications do not need to use GPS. Your phone battery consumes extra power due to this. Most of the apps that are installed constantly track your location but keeping it throughout the day while you don’t need a location tracking then it will simply kill your battery. You can turn off while you are not using your handset, or can turn it off while watching videos, sending emails and application where you don’t need location tracking


Every phone has a vibration feature. It will undoubtedly eat your battery life. If you stop vibration for a phone call, it may be a problem for you in many ways. So when you have a vibration mode you just have to turn off the vibration mode.  We all like mild vibration while typing on the Smartphone keyboard. They will absorb a good amount of battery because we spend a lot of time typing throughout the day. However, if you don’t need to get notified by vibration turn it off. It actually takes more battery power to vibrate your phone then it does to ring it.

Use Extra Power Saving Mode

There are many Smartphones which has a specific feature like ultra power saving and extreme power saving modes. It will limit your mobile phone from texting, phone calls, web browsing and Facebook. This feature can also squeeze extra hours or everyday standby time out from few remaining percentage points of the battery.

Dump Unnecessary Home Screen Widgets

Home screen widget or live wallpaper is power consuming, just because they seem to inactive but they are power consuming. This also goes for widgets that poll status in the background, as well as those pretty good animated pictures. Animations do look good when you navigate your phone but they can slow down your battery performance and drain battery power. Don’t just dump everything because as a part of a Smartphone it will look good but you can remove the one you are not using.

Application Update

Applications often get updates to use less battery power to make sure that your applications are up-to-date. Even if you configured the phone for automatic updates but there are some apps that need to update manually. For Android users, you can check for application updates in Google play by hitting the menu key and by going My Apps.

By using these simple tricks and tips to make your Smartphone battery life last longer. You can even avoid carrying power bank all the time. These ways will increase your smartphone battery life have been useful to you.