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Print Advertisement or Promotional Products: The Battle of the Marketing Strategy Titans!



Marketing is the essence of any business. You will have various options and one of the most popular methods of marketing has been print advertisement. In modern times, however, times have changed and more forms of advertisement have taken over.

Promotional products have become an integral part of many marketing strategies. It was there, but the promotional branded giveaways in UK and the rest of the world has grown past pens and pencils. Now, you have cool technological products like pen drives, portable chargers and much more.


When you have two titans at loggerheads it is best to step away, but that is not the case here. You need to have a look at what each offers you and decide on which one suits your business better. Here are some aspects that might help get you to the final decision:

1. Usefulness:

Print advertisement is not useful for the client and is not remembered for too long after viewing. Hence, chances of conversion are thin. If you want to make the print advertisement useful, then you need to add things like discount coupons or tips on how to the brochures and flyers, which provide a better chance for enhanced conversion.

Promotional products, on the other hand, require nothing of that sort. They are useful items and stay in front of the consumers 24/7. Hence, they are constantly reminded of your brand. When the customers use your products, a larger audience gets information about your brand, improving chances of creating more customers.

2. Track:

Can you guarantee that how many people will view your printed advertisement? No! Neither can you keep a track of how many people actually read about your brand from the printed advertisement brochures and flyers.

With the promotional products, you have better chance of knowing how many times your brand logo and name was viewed. This is because the person, who you hand the promotional product counts as 1+1, because it will be viewed at least one more time other than the customer.

3. Unique:

Have you ever come across people handing out flyers? Do you indulge them? Even if you do, the flyer usually ends up in the dustbin soon enough, sometimes without viewing it even once. Do you really want that to happen to your brand name?

Promotional products always garner the interest of clients! After all who does not like some free top quality gifts? The Brand name or logo gives the gifts uniqueness and always bring in more attention for your brand.

4. Reminder:

When you hand out promotional goods, you are setting up the person to remember your brand. How? Well, think about it! Every time, the client looks at the promotional product they will be reminded of your brand.

A printed brochure or flyer will stay in the minds of buyers as long as they stay in the hand, which is not too long. Once it is thrown away, the memory of your brand also fades away. Do you really want that for your brand?


The perspective of buyers is always different, so there will always be a divide. Print advertisement might be a thing of the past, but it still has a certain audience. An audience, who also indulge and love promotional products; thus, you cannot solely depend on printed advertisement. It needs the backup of promotional items. You need to formulate a marketing strategy that takes into account the digital and printed advertisements along with promotional merchandise. Even though, promotional merchandise has been proven to be the overall winner, you will still need the backup of a good marketing strategy with digital and print media as sidekicks!