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Why you should choose a laptop over a desktop?



Choosing a laptop over desktop computer entirely depends on the criteria of your works or how and what purpose it will serve for you. Though, both the computers have their own ways of advantages and disadvantages.

The most amazing thing about a laptop is that it’s portable. It gives you the power of a desktop computer with almost the same flexibility. And it wouldn’t even bind you to a fixed place which is very tiring same time boring too that happens with desktop users often.

Judging from the affordability, portability, and functionality of computers, some of the reasons, advantages, options that why you should choose a laptop over desktop are discussed below:

Reasons behind Choosing a Laptop Computer

  • Checking emails and chatting with friends from anywhere you want.
  • The laptop takes comparatively far less space than a desktop computer.
  • The single cord of a laptop computer is far better than the lots of messy desktop computer cords.
  • A high-end laptop computer gives you the power to play games anywhere if you are an avid gamer.
  • The laptop gives you the chance to work on your office papers or presentations while sitting in a coffee shop; or writing school papers no matter if you are sitting on a beach or mountaintop.


A Simpler Connection

A laptop computer comes along with a very user-friendly setup. A one cord power connection is hassle-free in a laptop when a number of connection cords for different purposes in a desktop are quite annoying often. A laptop saves you from going under the desk for set up, buying extra accessories like mouse, keyboard, speakers, modems etc. In case of simpler connection and set up, the desktop is unable to beat a laptop.


A recent customer survey by Startech laptop retailer revealed that half of the customers choose laptop because it is cheaper than a desktop computer. Accessories like a well functional monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, fingerprint reader; modem etc will cost you a lot for sure to make the desktop computer comfortably functional.

On the other hand, all those accessories stated above come along built-in within the laptop and often in a reasonable and affordable price.


The most important and appreciable feature of a laptop computer is its portability. The laptop is a lot more comfortable and convenient than desktop while away from the office desk, or doing different tasks on the move.


The laptop offers all sorts of flexibility just like a desktop. You can easily connect external devices like printer, modem, scanner, mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, pen drive, and others as per your need.


In terms of instrumental capabilities, a laptop can hardly beat the desktop computer. Because in a laptop you cannot install an external graphics card or any other internal extensions like you easily do with your desktop.

Having this disability, a laptop still does all the works for you incessantly. Though, a high-end laptop is capable of doing everything as you desire just like a high functional desktop computer.

Battery Life

Battery life is a major issue for a laptop user. Choosing the right laptop with the right specification and design can easily resolve this problem. Nowadays well-recognized companies are offering long battery life in a laptop such as Apple’s 2013 MacBook Air comes with 12 hours of battery life.

Options those come along with a Laptop

The market of laptop computer offers various brands and types of laptops with reasonable prices. The widely used brands are Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Acer, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, LG, Compac, Panasonic, Phillips, HP, Razer, Microsoft, MSI etc. These brands also offer high-end laptops as well for users like gamers, animators, graphic designers etc.


A laptop is very easy to purchase and use without adding any external accessories. No matter if it is for business or personal work endeavors and most importantly if you do not want to be tied down in one place then choosing a sleek laptop computer over desktop would be a definite choice undoubtedly. To work away from your workstation or desk and anywhere there’s no better option than a laptop.