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7 Reasons Why You Should Replace Emails with Collaboration Tools



Nowadays business grows at a faster pace. The advancement in digital communication has reduced the need of a team to be physically present at one place while working on a common project. Team members can easily work on the same project together even when they are sitting in offices that are worlds apart.

Email has been used as a sole medium of communication amongst businesses and teams for a very long time. But in spite of that, email is letting down and becoming an outdated tool. There is a massive complaint about the frustration due to inbox overload and loss of productivity.

In today’s swiftly changing era, there is plenty of software available for the collaboration and they are ready to replace the traditional cult of emailing. These tools are helping the team members to login from any device, stay updated with the latest conversations, and add meetings and events to the calendar. These tools aren’t only helping the members to work together on a specific project from any part of the world; they are also helping them be more productive in a shorter span of time.

Collaboration tools are transforming the teamwork scenario across the globe. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider to replace the rut of emails with the ease of collaboration software:

  1. No One Is Confined To Their Inbox: When an organization uses email to share the documents as well as information from pillar to the post, everyone associated with it needs to check their inboxes. The emails that they will receive will not be only from a single team member. It will be from everyone who needs to communicate with them. If someone is frequently monitoring their email, they are perpetually putting out fires and that leads to a free fall in one’s productivity. Collaboration tools help them to concentrate solely on the project at hand.
  1. Makes Organization Easy: At which email address did Paula shared the sales and revenue report? Did that document come for Jameel or Mark? If these are some common questions that you hear at your workplace, your collaboration strategy needs an overhaul. Frequently checking emails for specific resources will slow you down. It can also lead to the failure of laying hands on vital documents and communications. Collaboration tool brings all the documents and conversations at a specific place. You don’t have to hunt the documents or regret for the missed messages.
  1. Saves Time: When you use email for your work, you slip into an infinite loop of sharing your part and then lingering for the other person to share theirs. Collaboration tools enable you to detect the modifications and the add-ons in real time. It terminates the need to wait for your turn to make the changes or add something. This enables multiple members to edit the projects synergic ally, coming across each other’s input in real time as if you are sitting in the same room.
  1. Transparent and Clear Communication: If you have ever collaborated on a specific project with more than one member over email then you can understand how confusing it becomes to understand the concept sometimes. While you are answering to the previous mail, another one comes in which will make your previous reply incomplete or obsolete. A sophisticated team collaboration app enables you to observe the additions made by everyone at the same time which will help to stay updated, making communication clear and crisp.
  1. Not Bounded to the Written Word: In this digital world, you should moan over the restriction to use the texts alone. It can be difficult to convey the exact purpose of what you are trying to deliver. A collaboration tool will help you to convey your message through video, text or audio chat, screen sharing etc. This will help to make the collaboration more effective.
  1. Enhances Team Unity: Through collaboration tool, team members not only share information and details through text, they can even share updates and info graphics. The approach of communication with the help of collaboration tool is identical to the way one uses on social media. For this reason, the team members that you have never met and working on the same project are not merely a name in the inbox, indeed they are teammates. This makes them more invested with each other and the outcome is a more effective team that delivers great work together.
  1. Helps To Spread Information Efficiently: When everyone is on the same collaboration platform, the team has the ability to contribute and comment on the facts together. For example, if the members of the sales team want to share some ideas or information with a particular team, they can single out those members with whom they wish to share ideas. In case of email, you can comment, however it might not be seen by everyone you wish to. It can halt new ideas from taking place. Reply all is not the correct response to that. Even, this can function with two or three members. However, if there are multiple people, it gets cumbersome to acknowledge every message and after a definite period, it can lead to email storms. These generally arise when multiple members on the list reply everyone at the same time. Tons of emails can be shared in a matter of seconds, resulting in slow servers and clogged inboxes.

Email pursues the familiar model of snail mail providing you one to one communication. If you will force this to execute a task that it isn’t created for, the outcomes are distressing. Don’t waste your efforts as well as time; get a collaboration software that is specially made for groups to work together.

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