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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020

Since this year 2020 has brought us a whole lot of tragedies as we all are suffering through this Covid-19 pandemic where making money online is far more considerable than leaving the house and go for a regular job.



Make money online in 2020

Only a genius knows that a regular 9-5 job cannot fulfill dreams. It needs other ways to complement that specific income. From freelancing to online sales – we have done everything!

But are we still making enough money to live upon our true desires? Maybe not!

Since this year 2020 has brought us a whole lot of tragedies as we all are suffering through this Covid-19 pandemic where making money online is far more considerable than leaving the house and go for a routine job.

In the best-case scenario, this blog will help you see the brighter picture of making money online in 2020 that engaging, entertaining and comes with a lot more benefits.

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1. Social Media Executive

Sounds exciting but don’t know where to start from? Relax!

If you already spend half of your day scrolling down the newsfeed, why don’t you make some money out of it?

Many big brands and companies keep looking for people like you and me who enjoy side fling and are willing to earn too. To your surprise, this is the right job for you. Your job would be to entertain incoming queries and upload social content on profile.

To begin with, prepare a resume, mention your interests & skills and send it away through emails. Wait for the right call and offer which keeps you stuck to your laptop and start earning.

2. Start a Blog

Okay, not many but there are definitely some passionate people out there who’d love to write their experience and imagination but they just don’t know where to start.

You got to let the world read your masterpiece online and make money out of it.

Blogging is a never-ending field which keeps trending from time to time. It is a broad zone where you can choose your niche and start writing what’s in your mind.

For instance, I’m fond of visiting new eateries in the town, which ultimately made me a food blogger on Instagram. You won’t believe how I turned my part-time blogging into a full-time career.

You may take a start on social media and witness the response you get from your audience. Later on, you can move on writing for the websites, brands, magazines, newspaper and explore much more.

3. Take Paid Surveys Online

This may sound like a scam story where you’ll be trapped in hassle. Well, no! Surveys are a real thing and people have earned upto $500 every month without investing a penny.

Numerous incredible survey sites pass survey to their members through email (as per their eligibility). And once you’re done, they reward you with cash and amazing gift cards for Amazon.

Sign up to any genuine paid survey site and fill in your basic info (don’t worry, they won’t use your details against you) and wait for the right survey that you’re eligible for.

The payout completely depends on your consistency and efforts.

4. Hit the YouTube Platform

Until now you have only watched videos, it’s time to create one.

You’re good at cooking? Show ah-mazing recipes on your channel. Do you love to eat? Make exclusive food mukbang videos (which are quite famous on YouTube by the way). Or are you one of those who mimic everyone in the group? Try creating short funny videos or dub an artist.

YouTube has given dreams job to many of us just because we hit the right platforms and showed efforts to entertain the audience. You never know what YouTube has in store for you.

5. Graphic Designing

What else can be better if you’re already a graphic designer at your job? Nothing fits better for you than this.

You don’t have to revolve around companies with resume to hire you, you can start your own freelancing work. Update your portfolio that explains your skills visually and get one of the highest-paid jobs online.

Graphic designers have always been in demand for their expertise. You can be one of them.

We have enlisted some of the thrilling ways to make money online that’ll make you jump off your bed and surf the internet within seconds. Keep reading!