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8 Killer Ideas to Couple Your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies!



8 killer ideas to couple your social media and email marketing strategies!

According to a recent study, more than 90% of people within the age bracket of 18-34 years follow brands on social media. Also, approximately over 3 billion users access the different social media users on mobile devices globally, which further reinstate the efficiency of social media as a marketing tool. While people are exposed to the brand with such online marketing channels, they are further converted into leads and sales with a fulfilling email marketing strategy.

As per the “Rule of 7”, a potential prospect needs to come across your brand at least 7 times before they make a buying decision. The only effective way to do this is to combine your social media with email marketing. A blend of these two can help you reap extensive rewards from the bulk of customers following your brand through the different online marketing channels. This process will also help you build a better brand recognition, loyalty and engagement. Isn’t that great? 

Here’s the perfect mix for you! Read on and start creating an amazing impact right away! 

Unite your teams and work together 

For most businesses, there are two different teams handling social media and emails respectively. Always remember that your potential customer constantly seeks brand integrity before considering the final decision. In such a scenario, if the social media team doesn’t interact with the team handling emails, there will be a huge disparity between the two. This, in turn, will confuse the prospect and hurt your brand recognition on a larger scale.  

Suppose, your social media team has an informal approach in creating the posts and the email team is sending mailers that mean serious business; this is dichotomy! It not only confuses your prospect, but also gives out a message of lack of integrity in the brand. Simply put, you will lose out on your scope of conversion. 

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Email campaign ideas can assist your social media ads! 

The truth is- Social media ads are silver bullets these days. This is due to the extreme popularity of the platforms and a rich user base. If you plan to run an ad campaign, it will cost you quite a lot; that’s for sure. And, that is just one side of the story. 

Things can take your favor if you combine email marketing with your social media campaign. Try sending out emails with campaign ideas. Make use of different ad copies and creative graphics in the mails and wait for a response. The ideas that get higher click rates can then be incorporated in your social media ads! Cool eh? 

Your social profiles deserve a better showcasing 

What could be a better way of showcasing your brilliant social media profiles than emails? As your social media and email marketing teams come together, they support each other brilliantly to rake in engagement and grow. Featuring your social profiles on the emails will help you secure more followers on your social community. It not only helps to increase engagement, but also assures that the subscribers of your emails are connected with the brand deeply. Regular social media updates help in creating a psychological impact on your potential customers towards making a faster decion. Remember the Rule of 7? Yes, that’s what it is! 

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Custom audience list 

Your email subscriber list can be used by social media branding team to promote ads to those who are already interested in your brand. It will boost your ROI instantly and attract genuine leads and increased sales. 

If you are trying out paid reach, use Facebook’s Custom Audience feature to get closer to your goals. Your Social Media Optimization team can easily study your target customers to draw out concrete conclusions. Here’s how- 

  • Check what they are sharing and what’s trending among them 
  • Know their grievances and regrets with other products and services (You can always learn from the mistakes of your rivals)
  • Understand their socioeconomic background to plan for upcoming products and pricing. (Boosts your R&D team’s credibility)

This way, you will be able to create better and apt emails for your subscribers once you get to know more about them! 

Repurpose content 

Contents that do well for you on social media can be repurposed into emails. Just when you think that you are out of email ideas, you need to pick your most engaging posts from social media. Converting them into emails will allow your subscribers to engage with the posts a little more, and if they aren’t connected with you on social profiles, the email’s content would deliver them the projected values. Such a sharing strategy between the two teams is more affordable and enhances your content cycle. 

You can either choose to explain your social media thread on email or ask the recipients to click on your social media profile link. It will again add user engagement on your profiles while capturing leads for the business. Such content exchange helps in keeping your brand consistent. 

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Online contests 

Most brands tend to engage their users with different contests. Be it on a weekly or monthly basis, contests are extremely helpful to boost user engagement on profiles. You can ask people to drop their email IDs in order to participate in the contest. This will help in increasing your subscriber list and potential customer base. Also, contests with trending hash-tags with your brand name over the different social media platforms can do wonders for your business. Such a social media marketing move serves as a boon to the branding and email marketing strategies of the business. 

And, the good news – not only your followers but also their mutual contacts followers will be able to show interest in your brand over the social media.

Let the world know what’s in store (The brand trailer)

Through your social profiles, let the followers know what your brand has to offer. Be it the weekly newsletter via email or by sharing daily tips and life hacks on your Facebook page, interact with your followers as much as you can, so that they are always connected with you through everything that you do. This will create an urge in them to know more about you and subscribe to your email newsletters. 

What does this mean for you?

Your email marketing strategies combined with social media interactions would easily widen up your spheres and recognition to more people. 

User-generated content wonderfully connects your SMM and emails 

Nothing beats the spirit of a brand that proudly puts forward user-generated content. There is no denial to the fact that people love to see celebrities on campaigns everywhere. However, they prefer seeing fellow customer reviews and feedback content more than celebrity endorsements. If you use such user-generated content on social media as well as emails, there’s nothing that can curb your campaign’s popularity. You can generate the content on your social media platforms and then share it further with your subscriber list via emails. 

This approach will enhance the credibility of your brand and make your emails less “sales- oriented” and more customer-centric.     

The union of these two exclusive online marketing strategies will definitely have a positive impact for the brand. It is recommended that you create an amazing the plan of action for both your social media and email marketing strategies. Once that is done, you can segregate  your requirements and choose to connect the two as and when they should. Having an integrated marketing plan in place is the need of the hour and it will definitely boost your brand recognition. After all, that is exactly what you were looking for; right?

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