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Moving Tips and Tricks – The Updated Version




There are a lot of things that go into moving your home. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of time. For example, a lot of experts will recommend you take at least two months before your moving date to plan and sort everything out. This includes thinking about what you will pack, finding a moving company, learning everything you need to know about your moving rights and finalizing your paperwork. As you can imagine, the whole process can be quite stressful as well. This is why preparing for the move is the key. When you have your plan, then you will know what you need to do, as well as prepare for what’s upcoming. You are already on a good path – and reading this article will only help you prepare further, because today, we give you some of our best moving tips and tricks for your relocation!

A lot of moving tips and tricks concern packing supplies

If you have ever moved before, then you know just how much of the whole process packing takes up. If not, then just imagine it. You need to go through each room of your home and pick out the things you want in your new house. Then, you need to decide what you will be doing with the rest. You can either sell them, donate them or throw them away (if you are not keeping them in that home or a storage unit). One way to sort this out is by calling experts or a similarly professional packing company. Another is to try and do it by yourself.

Moving tips and tricks for packing DIY

When packing yourself, there are a couple of moving tips and tricks to remember. First, don’t be afraid of ordering moving boxes. You can get these at a lot of places, and you can even get them for free! However, a lot of people are scared about their quantity. What happens if you have too little? Should you go over the top with the boxes? When deciding on their number, it’s smart to use an online moving calculator, and then just add a couple of extra boxes for the things you forgot. This way, you will have a golden balance of boxes waiting for your move.

However, don’t just go around getting the same size as the boxes. Even though the medium sized boxes are great, you might need a couple of bigger and a couple of smaller ones. Remember, you will want to pack huge, light items in the big boxes (like blankets and pillows), and heavy items go into the small boxes. No one wants to pick up a huge box and find out it’s filled with books, right? Finally, don’t focus on the moving boxes so much you forget other packing supplies! You will need some packing peanuts and wrapping paper, as well as markers and tape. Make sure you get a bunch of these as well!

How to pack properly

There are a couple of moving tips and tricks that retain solely to how you pack your items. First, always label your boxes. This way, both you and the movers will know where each box goes into your home. This will, in turn, shorten your unpacking process which can be as long as the packing. You will want to become active right after moving to a new neighbourhood, not weeks after you arrive, right?

Another one of our great moving tips and tricks, which goes well with the labelling one, is that you sort your items by rooms. Don’t put items from different rooms into the same box, just because it’s convenient. Trust us – you want to be done with unpacking as soon as possible. You will manage that only if dining room items are in the dining room boxes. Otherwise, you might be looking for your plates in your bathroom, when all you want is just to take a nap after the move.

A final moving tip that retains to packing is that there should not be packing on a moving day. Just like when you find movers in areas such as Fort Wayne and they arrive for the estimate, you need to be prepared for the moving as well. The boxes should be waiting to be loaded into the truck. And trust us – you will want to focus on other things during the moving day – not running around doing the last minute packing.

Movers and how to deal with them

Finally, let’s talk about the moving companies and how to manage to work with them. First, you will want to look into finding a reliable moving company online. This is probably the most efficient way of meeting good movers. An alternative would be to talk to your friends and colleges about moving. They might have a company they can recommend, but you will get the most information on the internet.

One of the most important moving tips and tricks, when it comes to the movers, is the communication. You should be talking with them about each step. Only then will both them and you know what to do. They will also know what you expect to accomplish by the end of the moving day. For example, tell them which boxes you will need first Then, they can go the last in the truck. Also, put the boxes with your valuables in your car before the movers arrive to avoid any confusion. Finally, to speed up the process, already figure out where they can park the truck and how they can access your home.