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Everything you need to know about your moving rights



If you plan to relocate or just moving to a new neighborhood, you need to be prepared. There are so many things that you need to take care of. Find the best moving company, save some money, pack the stuff and one more. You need to have a list of everything you need to know about your moving rights. People usually focus on other things such as labeling or find the quality boxes, but does your moving company have insurance? To this and many questions you need to have an answer. Prepare everything on time and do not worry later on. So, start by checking the market.

Make a list of everything you need to know about moving rights

Exactly, begin with checking what your options are when it comes to moving. Every company has different regulations, so you need to choose the best one that fits your needs. Even though companies have different conditions under which they can make contracts, some things are the same. Every company must present you a brochure of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. That is arranged by the law and every company must respect it. So, when comparing moving companies, see exactly what they offer. You should begin on time. This means well in advance, a couple of months. Do not wait for the last-minute to finish what you need to do. If you are arranging everything on time, you will have the space to check everything you need to know about your moving rights. Begin with determining what kind of relocation do you need interstate or intrastate one?

Once you have a clear vision of your goal, it will be easier to achieve it. It will be easier not only to you but to the moving company as well. If you already know what you want, we will help you with the execution part. Why do you need to know the difference between interstate and intrastate one? Because the law can be different in two states and you need to agree on the terms on that law. So, while making phone calls or googling, try to make appointments. Check the company’s rating on Better Business Bureau. Once you visit the office you can ask questions. If there is something specific about your move, speak up. Doing a standard relocation is not the same as relocating a hot tub. Prepare questions of everything you need to know about your moving rights and check the terms and conditions.

Discuss with the manager everything you need to know about moving rights

If you know which type of moving do you want, manager of the moving company may offer you a specific promotion. If you start on time and choose a low season for your moving, you can save some money and end up with a discount. Experts can help you relocate and assist you with insurance. You need to hire a company that is insured. When it comes to your belongings, there are two options to insure them. Those are the Full Value Protection and the Released Protection. The first one protects your whole shipment and that is the safest option. The second one is the released value where the protection of your belongings is minimal. In a case of damage the moving company assumes liability for 60 cents per pound and per article. Choose the option that fits your budget.

Do not hire companies that are not insured. This seems like a common sense decision, but when in a rush, people assume that the company is insured. That moving checklist should keep you on the good track with clear objectives. You should know all the tips for finding a reliable moving company online. Now, if you did agree on the terms of insurance, you need to know what you want to insure. Always participate in creating the inventory list, do not let the company do it. Make a list of all belongings and take a picture. If you have very valuable items, take them with you. A list of everything you need to know about your moving rights has more tasks. When do you need to raise a claim in a case of damage?

Additional advice on everything you need to know about your moving rights

If you want to know more about the moving company, check the company’s rankings with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can search the company by the name and by the USDOT number. Once they provide you with the Bill of Lading, all the terms and conditions are there. That is basically the contract between you and the moving company. Read everything and be sure that you understand it well. If there is something that you do not understand, ask for clarification. Do not sign if you are not sure that extra charges and fees are included. When the belongings are delivered, check if everything is in order and not damaged.

If something is damaged, you should file a claim within 9 months from the delivery.  The moving company must acknowledge the receipt of the claim within 30 days and make you an offer within 120 days. You can as well take a picture of damaged items. Do not wait with unpacking. Check everything straight away and do not worry about a thing. If you have a lot of stuff, there are many reasons why you should consider renting a self-storage unit when moving. We believe you have everything you need to know about your moving rights. Now, begin with the planning part and don’t forget to enjoy.