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8 Types Of Digital Marketing To Try Out



digital marketing

Digital marketing is an emerging trend that has scopes for opening many avenues in the field of marketing. The conventional marketing techniques were complex, time-taking and had limited reach. Marketing in the digital platform has changed the entire scenario of sales and marketing, and enterprises could see the difference in their increased sales margins. Many enterprises have, therefore, hired digital marketing companies and around that help in providing end-to-end marketing solutions. Enterprises must research online well before outsourcing their digital marketing projects and hire the best digital marketing solution providers available in the market.

Types of digital marketing

There are a number of ways companies use to promote a brand and help the brand provide identity in the market. The digital platform is used for marketing and lead generation as it is the most reliable platform to connect with people, identify prospects, convert them and create brand loyalty for an enterprise. There are a number of marketing techniques that make use of the digital platform. Few of them are as listed below-

Viral Marketing –

Many marketing agencies have used the viral marketing technique to get leads. It is based on the logic that if any content of the brand or enterprise goes viral, it would be able to make any business successful instantly. One has to do something interesting or truly noticeable and people would like it and share. This can help get traffic to the enterprise’s website in a short span of time.

Marketing through search engine optimizing

search engine optimization

One of the most potential tools for digital marketing is Search Engine optimization or SEO. Most of the search result clicks are for the organic listings, so it is important to get higher Google ranking through SEO based marketing. Small and medium scale enterprises extensively use SEO as a marketing tool using Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

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Marketing through public relations-

Public Relations cannot be exactly called marketing, but one cannot overlook the vital role it plays in marketing. It is a potential tool to make the brand famous and business noticeable. It can also fetch customers like other marketing tools.

Marketing through Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

While searching, one can see some ad links that come above the searched links. There are ad links when one searches for anything in other search engines. When people click on them, the link directs to the main website of the enterprise. This can help an organization get leads quickly.

Content Marketing –

content marketing

It is said that ‘content is the king’. The technique uses quality content to encourage customers and prospects to avail the enterprise’s services or buy the products the enterprise offers. It also helps make a brand image that can help people convert easily and become brand loyal. A good content can provide a facelift to the enterprise that does much more than marketing.

Social Media Marketing-

Social media marketing services cover%2B%25281%2529

In digital marketing, many enterprises go for social media platforms to encourage customer engagement. Social media is a great tool to create a brand identity online, identify prospects and convert them, make customers stay engaged for the benefit of the enterprise and creating a great ambience for achieving an exceptional customer experience.

Affiliate Marketing –

Affiliate marketing technique uses affiliates for an enterprise to handle marketing and brand managing. These affiliates get a percentage of profit or commission jut to promote the brand or the enterprise online.

Influencer Marketing –

It is a very tricky form of marketing, but if done efficiently, can reap desired results. It is a method where enterprises get sales lead by getting someone influential to say good for them. For example, brands like Parker can hire Paulo Coelho to say few good words about them.

Marketing is basically a trust-building exercise and enterprises tend to use new and innovative techniques as marketing tools. Conventional marketing techniques do not have potential in this digital age, though no one can deny the contribution of conventional marketing techniques in the pre-digital era.

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Digital platform, however, has made it clear that it will make digital marketing stay in the market till the next few years in different forms and through different channels. Social media marketing has recently gained popularity because it has given the higher rate of conversion than any other marketing tool to various organizations. Social media can not only help getting prospects but helps in identifying the market and taste of the audience.

When an enterprise serves good content to its audience, it automatically gets a bunch of loyal audiences. This makes social media a platform that works beyond mundane marketing-it builds the relationship with real people in a virtual platform. Social media is the future of digital marketing and it may capture the market in the next few years too and may rule the market in the future.