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How to Use EZ GIF




EZ GIF is an online platform which lets you use their services like converting videos to GIFS, resizing and cropping your images etc. free of cost.

The major objective of this article is to make you understand the ways and methods by which you can successfully use EZGIF without any hitch or obstruction. There will be no technical knowledge or terms used so that you can understand it easily.
So let us begin: –

1. GIF Maker: – This is one of the most used features of the website. To make a GIF –

  • You need to first click on their GIF maker tab.
  • Next, you can add images (up to 2000) of your choice.
  • Finally, you need to click ‘Upload and make a GIF’ and the site will make a short video of the images provided by you.

2. Video to GIF: – You can add a video from your system or paste a URL from the net as well (up to 100 MB).

  • Click on the Upload video tab and voila! Your gif will be ready.
  • The site supports a ton of formats like MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI and many more.

NOTE: – The instructions to the tools like ‘resize’ and ‘crop’ is not included as it is quite simple and do not require any instructions to be done.

3. GIF optimizer: – To get your GIF or images optimized, you need to upload them on the site (up to 30 MB max.) in GIF, JPG or PNG formats.

After you click upload, the site will automatically optimize its transparency, correct its colour and the background, remove all nth frame from the video and even correct the lossy GIFs.

4. Effects: – To apply effects to your images or GIFS, simply upload them and choose from the variety of effects that the site has to offer-

NOTE: – You can undertake all the below-listed action by simply uploading your files on the site (up to 30 MB) and clicking on the upload tab.

  • COLOR FILTERS: – Adjust the colours of the media and add filters that are present on famous social media sites like Instagram etc.
  • REVERSE and ROTATE GIFS: – As the name suggests, with this tool you can reverse the created GIF and make it run in the opposite direction or in any one direction. By rotating it, you can rotate it to a mirror, vertical or horizontal, clockwise or anti-clockwise movement etc.
  • ADJUST SPEED: – With this feature, you can adjust the speed of the video and make it run faster or slower.
  • ADD OVERLAY: – You can add an image over the animated GIFs just like a logo or a watermark.
  • CUT DURATION: – With the help of this tool, you can cut the pieces of the GIFs like the beginning, the middle or the ending etc. and customize it completely.

5. Split: – Upload your files in the formats accepted by the site and according to the size which is up to 30 MB and click upload.

  • The site will process the image or video and present to you a detailed version of it for easy viewing of each and every detail and aspect.
  • The format supported are – GIF, APNG, FILF, and WEBP

6. WebP maker: – To create a WebP that is an animated image you can upload as much as 4000 images on the site (up to 80 MB).

  • It also accepts images in the ZIP folders as well.
  • The formats supported are – JPG, PNG, GIF and WebP

7. APNG: – To create an APNG which is an animated PNG file, you need to upload your selected files in the formats of GIF, JPG, PNG and WEBP (5MB each or 80MB in total) and click on the upload button.

Here too you can upload images or files from a ZIP folder.

Overall, the site pretty much does everything for you. You just need to upload all the files, images or GIFS to it.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to comment them in the comment section below and our team will be more than happy to help you out.