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20 Best Gadgets to Spy and Track Someone



When people do business they also watch their competitors. Today is the time of technology and internet and there are various factor to determine why we need to snooping to your competitors. So for that there are different tools to analysis your business performance and to collect data in a meaningful form. Here are some tools to spy your competitors.

1. Google Alerts – a tool for monitoring mentions

It is very simple and user friendly tool, this will send you a report in your inbox. You can track your competitors activity as you want like where they spend most of their time, on which website and as well as their basic keywords. This tool is cost of cost.


Best Ways to Use This Tool:

  • Catch competitors backlinks
  • Monitor social website of your competitors 
  • Display keyword mentions

2. Social Mention – a tool for monitoring mentions

This tool contain very unique features that is applicable for your blogs and your websites. You have to just enter any keyword this tool will give you all blogs related to this. You can also see how many time this keyword will use. This is also free of cost tool.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Monitor and track keyword references
  • Observe company mentions
  • Cross-analysis what is being said across different social networks

3. Topsy – a tool for social media

This tool is suitable for twitter competitors. With the help of this tool you can watch your competitor’s tweets. You can get knowledge of all their tweets and which tweets have high in rating and powerful.


Best thing to Use This Tool is that:

  • You can view your competitor’s data on twitter.

In this tool the PRO version is good. This version will give you a real time information and good report. The amount of PRO version is $12000 along with unlimited data and mail support.

4. Marketing Grader – a tool for monitoring mentions

This is a tool through which it give you a perfect score according to the activity perform on social media sites and your score on search engine optimization. Scores may be varies time to time. And it is free from Hub spot.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Monitor activity of your competitors on social media. 
  • Monitor blogging and SEO success of competitors
  • Monitor leads of your competitors

5. Competitive Research & Keyword Research Gadget

This is very helpful and easy to use tool because you can put it right to your website and watch your competitor’s activities and also get information in one place. It is same as gadget, here is a small button through which you can get information of your competitors. It is also free. So


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Place this tool in your website for an easy access

6. Infini Graph – a tool for social media

This tool is very helpful for everyone. This tool actually focus on the latest trend of your industry. The objective of this tool is to know what your customer want to buy. This tool is use for both purpose like for competitive advantage as well as for your company use.


Best points to Use This Tool:

  • Keep Track of your industry trend on social media. 
  • Able to know the trend of your competitors as well as. 
  • Obtain understanding with your audience

7. Google Keyword Planner – a tool for keywords

These tools have all in have because it focuses more their own website performance as well as analysis as compare to their competitors. This is one feature of google planner to gather data from your competitors because it is design by google it tool to be a best tool. For the access of this tool you need to sign in an AdWords account.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Find competitor keyword data 
  • Monitor your own website as well as your competitor’s data. 

8. Insta paper – a tool for organization

This tool is use to save your web pages for future reading through your computer, smart phones or even light. When you sign up for an account, you can easily add a bookmark. When we talk about the snooping of the competitors then it is extremely helpful to know what your competitors do.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Save webpages to read in future.
  • Add a bookmark so that you are more organized. 
  • You can also save content of your competitors.

9. Monitor Backlinks – A tool for keywords

This tool is very good and new tool to enjoy. This tool provide a customer care service as well as you can monitor competitors backlines and directly send to your inbox. With the help of dashboard you can easily analysis the result.

8 monitor backlinks

Best Ways to Use This Tool:

  • Send competitor backlinks directly to your inbox
  • Compare your results with competitors thanks to the dashboard

The price of the tool depend upon how many domain you need. If t=you want only 2 then the cost is $19.00 per month. If you need a 5 domain which is $49.99 and 10 is for professionals that is $99.90.

10. SEMrush – a tool for keywords

The uniqueness of this tool, it has great expertise in competitor’s data. Just simply you enter the competitor website suddenly you will get information all competitors keywords, traffic on their website and also their ranking. A good thing is that the result and analysis are come in graphical presentation.


Best point to Use This Tool:

  • Have acknowledgement of competitor’s keyword and ranking. 
  • View data in a graphical presentation. 

You can easily get all information in the home page. If you want to get more advantage you will upgrade your version and cost which is $69.95 per month.

11. Spy Fu – a tool for keyword and ad monitoring

This is user friendly tool and with this tool you know your competitor targeting which keyword. You can also download all these keyword which your competitor use.


Price: The Basic price is $79 per month, the Professional price is $139 per month, and the Agency price is $999 per month.

12. Website Review from Woo Rank – a little bit of everything 

This is a tool that has competitor data as just a small section of all it can do. You can create your own project, and then this tool will help you to record and heighten your website based on the results of that project. If you want to spy on competitors, that’s an option.


Best Ways to Use This Tool:

  • Create projects to track
  • Optimize your website based on project results

Price: The top plan is about $149 each month, PRO plan is only for one project and its cost is 49 each month. There is also have a free trial for all beginners.

13. Similar Web – a tool for web rankings

This tool is use to put more traffic in your websites. When you write in a website directly your website will appear in country wise, globally wise and other ranking. It is also represented in a pictorial view like graphs, which show you total number of users who visited to your website. You can also find that how many leads are generated from advertisements, social networking and other.


Best thing in This Tool:

  • Get traffic understandings for any website
  • Get and find global, country, and category rank for any website and your website.
  • Take ideas of competitors you may want to watch
  • View the data in graphic presentation.

14. Compete Digital Marketing Solutions – a tool for web rankings

This tool is same as the similar web tool. Here you just put a domain name, and automatically

you see the ranking of your competitors as well as its total number of visitors.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • You have knowledge the competitive rank and unique visitors for any website

Price: If the website has low traffic, then you will get a PRO version to know information. The starting price is $199 and for advance package it is about $649 every month. There is also a custom package in which group of people are create unique thing for you.

15. What runs where – a tool for monitoring ads

This tool is help to users to buy product online correctly. You can also check your competitors planning. It is associated different ads services all over the world. With the help of this tool you know when your competitor will introduce any new product or content.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • You can track the new products of your competitors. 
  • You will get alerts every time when a new ad or content is published

16. Open Site Explorer – a tool for backlinks

This is one of the most useful and popular tool today. It catch your competitor link. You can also check that who is back linking to your competitors through page ranking and for domain. You can also comparison the data of your back line and your competitors back link. It became easy for you to analysis.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Check out who is linking to your competitors
  • Compare link data of your competitors

17. Ahrefs – a tool for backlinks

This tool has more focus on customer care like it give you result of your competitors based on top pages, IPs and other links. This tool work more to get things done.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Get IPs and other links of your competitors. 

Price This tool is free if you need only to generate three reports and ten result and this is also for limited time. And if you want more deep information you will need to upgrade the version.

18. Alexa – a tool for web rankings

This is very advance tool, it has great feature to snooping of your competitors. Like most use keyword, large visitors on your website and back linking. Especially it work well if your competitors are globally.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • Also get data of your worldwide competitors. 

Price: The starting plan is only $9.99 each month, the PRO plan is about $49 every month, and the advanced plan is about $149 per month.

19. Simply Measured – a little bit of everything

This is also another advance tool with the help of this tool you get to know everything about your competitors for example what your competitor targeting products, their trends and much more. You can generate nearly 35 reports.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • You have 35 reports format

Price: A starting price is $500 every month

20. Majestic SEO – a tool for backlinks

With the help of this tool you can easily download any link profile of your competitors. You can also transfer these link as well as break into different pieces as per your requirement.


Best thing to Use This Tool:

  • You can Move the link profile of your competitor

There are different ranges of the version like silver plan is about $49 every month, a golden version price is about 149.99 per month and for platinum version price which is about $399.99 every month
About Author: This article has been written by Robert Jack. He is working on Assignment Help Project.

About Author: This article has been written by Robert Jack. He is working on Assignment Help Project.