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Best 5 Tools that Will Help in Keyword Research



Best 5 Keyword Research-Tool 2018

Competitor based Keyword research is considered to be more effective than the industry-based option. At the end of the day what could be more profitable than using something that is already working for someone?

Digital Marketing Companies offer a wide range of services. It is your task to chose one efficiently. However, Digital Marketing is not rocket science and it can be handled by you too. The following tools are recommended for startups who are eager to build up their base. In case you are unable to handle things on your own, spend some time on the net to pick up one digital marketing agency from the wide range of available in the market.

#1.    Google Keyword Planner:

This is the best place to begin keyword research. This was initially curated for advertising, but you can use it for searching organic keywords by customizing your results for one of your competitors. Put the name of your product or service, competitor’s landing page, and product category.  With Keyword Planner, you can:

  • Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
  • Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  • Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords
  • Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas


#2.    KW Finder

This long tail keyword research tool has a great interface. It gives you the detailed trends, search volume, CPC and level of difficulty in results. In case you click on an individual keyword a second pane pops up, a second pane pops up showing the difficulty level and the current Google Search Results.

This one will give you a clear picture of which domains are targeting the keyword, the page’s backlinks, social shares and traffic. These added dimensions of the keyword can be relevant, especially while integrating SEO with content marketing.

#3.    Moz’s Keyword Explorer

This one is a tool by Moz that helps you to do a thorough keyword research. You can evaluate a number of factors with its help. All you need to do is enter the phrase and select the country.  The important pointers include:

  • Monthly Volume: Helps you to understand how often the phrase you have entered has been searched for on Google each month
  • Difficulty: This one gives you a score from 0(easy) to 100(difficult), that will give you an idea about how difficult is it to rank higher than the present competitors on the first page of Search Results
  • Organic CTR: Relative CTR of the organic results on a SERP
  • Priority: A combination of all keyword metrics that will aid you to prioritize and take a decision


#4.    Keyword Tool

This is a great starter for mining the data. This one uses Google Autocomplete data to prepare its database for long tail keyword suggestions.
It will help you to trace out lucrative long-tail keywords. Go for the Pro Version in order to view search volume, CPC on AdWords and competition. You can even export the results to CSV. Get the long-tail keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon and App store too.



#5.    SEMRush

It is a great tool for keyword research that offers a host of features.

  • SEO and PPC Research
  • Related Keywords and Phrase Matches
  • Research Long-Tail Keywords
  • Keywords Research Capabilities in 16 languages
  • Competitive Edge