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The Biggest Trends in Event Organizing in This Year



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In the recent years, it has been noticed that brides are venturing to recreate their version of a royal wedding by adapting ideas that is straight taken from the Pinterest board. It is evident that brides are much more interested in walking down the aisle in their own way. Modern day couples desire for a wedding that showcases their personality while planning a fun event for their guests. Here are some trends that have been observed and experienced by the wedding event management companies this year.

Bright on

Metallic appearance is surprisingly versatile, depending on how and where you bring them in your celebration. They look elegant, ethereal and natural. Though the designers say that rose gold goes well on everything from rings to table linen, but one metallic color that synchronizes is getting overlooked and that is silver.

Hometown flavors

A trend has been noticed in the new destination wedding. Couples are looking for ways to bring in elements of different distinct places that hold special memory. No matter wherever the actual wedding is being held! The destination wedding planner arranges for elements that the couple desires for, for instance, in a beach theme, the couple can desire to serve drinks in coconut shells to bring a feel of Goa or in forest locations they can play sounds of wild animals to bring a feel of the jungle. The idea is to make your guest feel like they are in a jungle or on the beaches of Goa.

Add the dreamy effect

The key to set a romantic mood is ambience. Every couple desires to create a romantic environment for which wedding lights are the simplest and the perfect way to go. Wedding event management companies use more of chandeliers, pendant lights and candelabras to cast a soft glow. These lights can bring both a vintage and a modern ambience in the wedding.

Be seated

Modern day couples are moving away from sitting arrangements in large round tables as it gives more of a conference event look than of a wedding. Instead, they are opting for long rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by square and round tables. Such an environment is to bring in the intimate vibe to the environment. Also, they want the lounge areas to get decorated with comfortable seating options for a cocktail party or after wedding hours.

The Flowers

The right blend of style and simplicity can create a fabulous floral wedding arrangement. An arrangement that features the seasonal and local floral collection is gaining attraction. Some of the couples also request for a wild look, as they prefer freshly picked blooms that forms the centerpiece with a mix of big and small blooms. In case of destination wedding, destination wedding planner makes a point to use more of local flowers.

Food art

These days everyone is a foodie, so it is not surprising that couples are asking their planners to include elements like coffee bean and fragment herbs like mint or basil into centerpieces and garlands. Also, seasonal fruits and vegetables are another option to add a layer to color.
All these trends are evolving keeping in close connection with traditions. A proper mix and fusion of correct elements by experienced wedding event management companies can make the event to be uniquely ceremonious and refreshing for both the couples and the guests.