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6 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Road Trip



A road trip will allow you to travel at your own pace and visit destinations you would miss when on a plane. 

Yet, venturing from one destination to another by car can increase your carbon footprint and impact the environment.

To support the planet as much as possible, read these five tips for an eco-friendly road trip.

1. Fill Reusable Water Bottles

It can be tempting to pick up bottled water when on a road trip. You might not be aware that plastic bottles contain toxins that can damage both your health and planet Earth. 

For this reason, you should carry a reusable water bottle with you, which you can fill with tap water at a restaurant, public park, or campsite.

2. Pack Light

Packing light for a road trip will help you to run a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Only take essential items with you on a journey, such as clothing and toiletries.

It will decrease the weight in a vehicle, which can prevent it from working twice as hard to transport you and your road trip buddies from one destination to the next.

3. Use an Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

It’s likely your vehicle will accumulate much dust and dirt during a long road trip. 

As a result, you might need to wash your car one or more times when on the road. For this reason, you must aim to visit an eco-friendly car wash. 

For example, Wash’N Go, a San Diego car wash will only use environmentally friendly products on every wash, which won’t detract from the quality of their service.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure

Before you head off on a fun road trip with your friends or family, check the pressure of your tires

Incorrect pressure will result in your vehicle using more fuel than necessary, which can increase your carbon footprint. 

So, review your tires at different points of the journey, which can help you to save money on gas and lower carbon emissions.

5. Remove a Bike or Roof Rack

Does your car have a roof or bike rack you’re not planning to use on a road trip? If so, take it off before a journey. 

Similar to heavy suitcases, it can add weight onto a vehicle and result in greater fuel usage. 

As a result, it will boost your carbon footprint and take its toll on your bank balance.

6. Eco-Friendly Driving

A hybrid car is the best option for an eco-friendly road trip. If you don’t own one, you could always rent a hybrid vehicle from a reputable company. 

If this isn’t an option, look for ways to drive greener

For instance, you must:

  • Stop sharp braking or acceleration
  • Slow down gradually with your brakes in a manual vehicle
  • Switch off an engine during standstill traffic
  • Replace your air filters
  • Use your car’s recommended motor oil grade

If you follow the above tips, you can enjoy a fun road trip while lowering your carbon footprint.

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