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4 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly



If you’re thinking of getting yourself a cat, dog, or another pet, there are many considerations to bear in mind before you do, issues such as whether or not you can truly afford them. Vet bills, food, and insurance are just some of the expenses you will need to pay for your pet. You will also need to think about how much time you have to dedicate to them and if your home is suitable for a pet. If you want to make sure your living space is right for your future pet, here are four ways you can make your home pet-friendly. 

  1. Cleaning Products

Your cleaning products should be stored away safely and out of reach. Dogs, in particular, get into almost everything, and you certainly won’t want them chewing on a bottle of bleach or any other toxic substances. You can also look into swapping your current cleaning products for pet-friendly ones. These non-toxic products will still clean your house properly but won’t leave any hazardous residue or traces of irritants that could affect your pets. Medicines should also be kept out of reach and securely stored away. 

  1. Outdoor Space

You don’t necessarily have to have an outdoor space to own a pet, but if you did want a cat or a dog, it’s better if you can offer them a yard. Cats need to roam and will be better suited to homes with gardens and areas they can safely explore. As dogs need regular walks, apartments aren’t so bad, but they, too, would benefit from yard access. If you do have outdoor space in your property, you might also want to consider investing in synthetic grass for pets. This will reduce how dirty your pet gets outside, especially when it’s been raining. Not to mention that your pet won’t be able to dig up your back yard and it’s less garden maintenance for you!

  1. Trash Can with a Lid

You probably already have a trash can with a lid at home, as they help to reduce flies and bad odor from the garbage. However, if you don’t, you should invest in one before you bring a pet home. They will try to get into the trash if they smell food, which could not only result in a big mess, but they could also end up eating something that could make them ill or worse. 

  1. Hardwood or Tiled Floors

Hardwood floors or tiles are ideal for pets, as they’re easier to clean and pets (especially dogs) tend to make a mess. If it’s not muddy pawprints and dirt from a walk, your pet could still decide to use your floor as a toilet and you don’t want that soaking into the fabric of a carpet. If you do have a room with a carpet you don’t want to get spoiled, keep it as a pet-free zone, at least until you have them toilet trained. 

A pet can be a wonderful companion and addition to the family. Make sure your home is as comfortable and safe for them as it is for you.

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