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How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding



Your wedding should be the most magical and memorable day of your life. A destination wedding is a great option for those looking for a non-traditional celebration. Having your wedding abroad will allow you to plan a truly unique wedding day, plus you will get to enjoy a well-deserved vacation at the same time! Organizing a wedding abroad can present certain challenges, but there are plenty of ways to ensure that your special day runs smoothly. Here are some useful tips on how to plan the perfect destination wedding. 

Choose a meaningful location

The first step to planning a destination wedding is to choose the perfect location. Make sure you research popular wedding destinations abroad and try to pick somewhere that has special meaning to you and your partner. For instance, you may choose to plan your wedding at your favorite vacation resort, or in the country where you first met or got engaged. According to experts at, some of the most popular wedding locations around the world include Antigua in the Caribbean, Los Cabos in Mexico, Maui in Hawaii, and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. These destinations are sought-after due to their stunning natural scenery, beautiful weather, and incredible wedding planning facilities. You also need to consider where you want to get married at your chosen location. For instance, you may have always dreamed of exchanging vows on a superyacht in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can find the best yacht weddings in Marina del Rey and other popular destinations by reading wedding blogs and articles online. 

Hire a local wedding planner 

As mentioned, planning a wedding abroad can present some additional challenges. In particular, you are unlikely to be able to view wedding venues and meet with suppliers in person before your wedding day. Fortunately, technology means that venues can now be viewed remotely and you can easily contact various suppliers abroad using communication platforms such as Skype. However, hiring a local wedding planner can make all the difference to your wedding planning and ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible. A local wedding planner will be able to recommend high-quality suppliers and vendors at your chosen destination and make sure there are no language barriers when making bookings or requests. They can also save you money by negotiating better deals on wedding essentials such as your venue, flowers, and catering. This will help you get better value for money and maximize your available wedding budget. 

Give your guests plenty of notice 

You must give your guests as much notice as possible when planning a destination wedding, ideally 12 months plus. Keep in mind that your guests will need to make travel arrangements and book time off work to attend your wedding. Some guests may also need to save up to pay for their flights and other travel costs involved with going to a wedding abroad. For that reason, you must get your wedding invitations sent at the earliest opportunity. Keep in mind that some guests may not be able to get the time off work or afford to attend your wedding if you choose to get married abroad.

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