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5 Vital Web Design and Development Factors for an Optimal E-commerce Website



Designing websites is not as simple as it used to be just a few years ago. You just cannot design a website on your own, especially if it is related to an ecommerce venture of any nature and size. It is more of a science now as how to create such a website that will function just fine and run smoothly even when the site is bombarded with lots of traffic.

In the city of Toronto and suburbs, there is huge potential for any business but penetrating into the market can be really tough. There are many ways in which a company can succeed but the first requirement is an eCommerce ready website for starting the business on a high note. So, as a business owner, your requirement me a company offering web design development facilities too for perfect reason.

Following are the top 5 factors in this regard which you need to master for an optimal website in this regard.

1. Dig Deeper

Apart from launching a website, you need to dig deeper to know what you must do to know about your prospective customers. Look at the documentation, listen to client requirements, research their field, closely examine content and look at what competitors are doing. This will help you to create a website that not only meets client requirements but also stand out from the competitors. Do not limit your imagination and get inspiration from any source you can.

2. Less is More

Nowadays, websites come fully-loaded with all types of gimmicks to lure the target audience which mostly look quite odd. If you want your users to focus on what you want them to, then make negative space your friend. The better you use the negative space, the cleaner your website looks and the faster it will load. All this would translate into a better user experience. Users expect quick response without any hassles from your website and you can easily deliver that by following the less is more approach when creating your website.

3. Involve All Other Departments

You cannot climb to the top of the ladder without assistance from others. In creating a taut user experience, you definitely need the support of experts in the field. You need to collaborate with UX designers, visual designers and interactive developers along with others to create websites that not only looks and work perfectly but also meet all the business objectives.

4. Iterative Design

When it comes to web design, chances that you hit the nail on its head in first shot are slim. Therefore, you should look to design iteratively. Do not aim for perfection in the first few attempts because you are not going to get it. Do a quantitative analysis of your performance and try to find out areas, which need further improvements. This will move your design in the right direction. Let a third party conduct a qualitative user data analysis of your web design and it will reveal some startling facts about your design that you can never find out if you do it on your own. Let others do the user testing of your website and tell you in which aspects your web design needs improvement.

5. Experiment with the Big Features

Instead of using traditional input fields such as radio buttons and checkboxes, try to use buttons and giant input fields. Make sure you label them correctly. Use life size images that mesmerize your website visitors as soon as they land on your website. All these steps will improve the user experience, increase the user engagement with your website and reduce the bounce rate. Moreover, users will be more compelled to fill out the forms on your website and give out their details.


Starting your venture successfully is not that difficult. With regard to your ecommerce-enabled website, you need to keep it simple, go big with buttons and images and design iteratively can give your website a boost in terms of user experience. While, involving all the stakeholders in the design process will help you create websites that satisfy all stakeholders.

If you are still not sure about any of the aspect mentioned in this blog or finding anything difficult to comprehend, please use the comments section below in this concern.