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5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is The Best 2019 Travel Destination




Hong Kong is a city that continues to dominate the global charts as a top travel destination. It’s a luxury holiday spot which is known for its street festivals, retail centers, mouthwatering cuisine, and beautiful skyline among other things. But why should you consider visiting this city? Well, below are five reasons why Hong Kong is the best 2019 travel destination.

1. Visa-Free Stay

Nationals from almost 170 countries can now visit Hong Kong without visa. Passport holders from countries such as America, Australia, Britain, Brazil, and others can stay here for a period ranging from 7 days up to 180 days. Visa-Free access has significantly enhanced the status of Hong Kong, especially when it comes to tourism.

2. Wide Range of Festivals

No matter what season you are visiting this dynamic city, you cannot miss a festival. Hong Kong normally hosts a wide range of local festivals which are spread throughout the year. This is one of the top travel destinations globally to celebrate New Year’s Eve as well as the Christmas season. 
The best thing above these festivals is that they can go on for days. This means that visitors are guaranteed unlimited fun as they interact with the locals. Some of the most popular festivals include the Hungry Ghost Festival in August, Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival in October, Lan Kwai Fong Carnival in November, and the Chinese New Year which normally occurs in February.

3. Wide Range of Retail Outlets

Hong Kong is rated as the mecca for shoppers. There is everything for everyone here. This city is filled with a wide range of malls which house renowned global brands. Apart from that, there are numerous street markets which offer consumers a unique shopping experience. These high-end malls have outlets that stock trendy and the latest fashion accessories, household items, cosmetic products, and electronics. Besides that, the street markets are known for their unique collection of antiques and other pieces of arts. Note that shoppers love this city because items are sold at cost-friendly prices. Apart from frequent sales with discounts, there are also multiple duty-free stores.

4. Multiple Accommodation Options and Vibrant Night Life

One of the reasons Hong Kong is the best travel destination in 2019 is the availability of multiple accommodation options. This makes it an attractive city which can effectively cater to the needs of different visitors. There are affordable chic boutiques and modest types of guesthouses which offer medium range comfort. Apart from that, there are luxurious resort hotels with stunning views. 
This city has a vibrant nightlife which entails after-dark retail shopping, exhibitions, and performance arts. Additionally, there is also high-octane clubbing thanks to the numerous entertainment joints such as bars, lounges, and pubs where you can have more fun. Note that after a fun and tiring day or a night out, you can go for a Hong Kong massage in various day spas and foot reflexology parlors within the city.

5. It’s a Multicultural Center

Hong Kong’s society involves various ethnic groups. This city doesn’t have mainlanders only because there are millions of experts from the west and other continents as well. Overall, Hong Kong has a culture which represents multiple backgrounds. The diversity of inhabitants is what provides convenience to visitors.