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Things to Know Before Growing Microgreens at Home




Agriculture of microgreen seeds in Sydney is very popular. Microgreen seeds are green vegetables which are harvested only after the cotyledons leaves are developed. Microgreens are the first choice of dining restaurants as a visual and flavor component. It implies that they are used in decorating or garnishing and in flavoring the food items as an ingredient. Fine Dining chefs use microgreens to flavour their dishes with the vibrant colors, delicate tastes and distinctive textures of the various leaves.

Now the very important question here is, from where to buy microgreens which are of best in quality. It should be the main consideration that our seeds must be non hyberated, pure and non toxic.

Where to buy such microgreens of standard size, high quality, full of nutrients, rich in flavors and fully hygienic? Why don’t grow it at home? Yes, it is very easy to grow microgreen seeds in Sydney at home. It just needs a small backyard or you can use a plastic container with drainage holes. But for commercial purposes, growing microgreens at home is not so easy. A small mistake can destroy its flavour.

With a growing demand of microgreen seeds in Sydney, there is a dynamic opportunity to settle your career and make some handsome income by growing microgreen seeds at home.

Before starting to grow these, keep the following things in your mind to get the desired output:

  1. What are the best microgreens to grow? Any entirely edible plant which can be eat from root to leaves can be used to grow as microgreens. Some common microgreens are cabbage, reddish, carrot, broccoli, herbs, mustard, sunflower etc.
  2. Which direction is best for microgreens? You must choose some south facing area having plenty of sunlight. The area under south facing window cabinets is the best one for the agriculture of microgreen seeds in Sydney. Put a warm mat to make the heat balance on the incoming of sunlight.
  3. Maintain the right amount of light:  It is a myth that more light can grow more amount of crop. As human needs six hours of sleep to relax their body, in same way plants also need a six hours in dark to re-energize their tissues. More light can generate more photosynthesis and the flavor of our microgreens can be converted from sweet to bitter.
  4. Soil needs of microgreens : Different microgreens seeds need different quantity of soil or some does not need a bit soil to grow. Soil media, Soil less media or pads if you are growing hydroponically, again depends on the type of seed you are growing.
  5. Where to buy microgreens? You can use common seeds of any vegetable for microbeens. All have different tastes, textures and flavors. Many seeds stores are providing various microgreen seeds which are rich in nutrients and flavors. You can select them for the first time in microgreen harvesting.
  6. When to harvest the crop? The crop is ready to cut within 7 to 28 days after planting. Most of the crop is ready to be harvested when it gets the length of 1 to 3 inches. It all depends on the vegetable you choose.

Microgreens are the miniature plants of the eatable vegetables. All parts of the plants are used to eat, garnish the meat, and flavouring the foods in famous dining restaurants. These are rich source of nutrients and flavors. Just keep the above things in mind and grow the microgreens at home. Microgreens in Sydney are the best income source for everyone who is interested in agriculture. So leave the tension of where to get the microgreens, grow it at your home with organic and hygienic methods. Eat healthy and stay fit.