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5 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Bed Sheet




Buying a bed sheet though seems to be a very trivial thing, is a thoughtful process. Considering all those will not only help you in buying a perfect product but also it would result in a better choice.

Let’s discuss which 5 things are of utmost importance –

1. Measurement: There are certain measurements available like ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ sized bed, however, there are no such specific measurements available. Instead measure your bed carefully and also measure the thickness of the mattress. Whether cotton or silk, patterned or monochrome, be careful before you purchase Geometric bed sheets online.

2. Mind the Thread Count: Thread counts are of utmost importance because of the longevity and softness of cotton double bed sheets dependent on this factor. The higher thread count indicates a more luxurious feel. However, keep in mind that more thread count means individual threads will be thinner.

3. Choose the Quality: Single bed sheets are available online in various qualities like cotton or blend, flannel, silk or satin. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a simple one, cotton is the best option. For a luxurious feel, choose satin, silk or anything like microfiber. Flannel, on the other hand, is ideal for winters.

4. Laundering Instruction: Buying a good bed sheet is not expenditure but an investment.  However, maintaining the same for years requires proper care. Laundering instructions are important because they give an ideal instruction from the manufacturer’s end for the best possible longevity. Buy a bed sheet that is easy to maintain and affordable too.

5. Picking Purchase Location: Indulge into double bed sheets online shopping from the collection of MINU. However, try to consider the colour, material, patterns, and prices.
Considering these 5 things not only guarantees a bed sheet of your choice but also it makes you aware and experienced about your future purchases.