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Inspect and Maintain Cooling Towers in Compliance with Health Department Regulations




Incidences of the outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in parts around the world have triggered alarm bells for all cooling tower owners. This is because cooling towers are linked to these outbreaks in most cases.

Work done by cooling towers
Cooling towers do their work efficiently removing heat from the inside of buildings and disposing of this excess heat to the outside environment. They do this by circulating the hot water through the tubes on which water is sprayed. This produces a cooling effect due to the evaporation of water. The air passing over the tubes cause a spray to rise and spread for a large region next to the cooling tower. Maintenance of cooling towers will help solve this problem effectively.

Use of top service provider
FlowMatrix is a leading repair, maintenance, and installation service provider for cooling towers in Australia. Their work in this line complies with the Australian Health Department and OH&S regulations. They have been in this industry since 1980 and service cooling tower sites in Tasmania, ACT, South Australia, NSW, and Victoria.

The spread of the disease
When the water is contaminated with bacteria, the water carries the mist to the people, who are passing by. Legionnaires Disease occurs when the person inhales or chokes on the water causing water to enter the lungs. The bacteria spread and grow inside the body, producing flu-like symptoms. This includes headaches, muscle pain, persistent cough, high fevers, and in a few cases, death. Due to this, health authorities have tightened the restrictions on the governance and maintenance of cooling towers.

Maintenance work for cooling towers
It is necessary to carry out repair and inspection of all fiberglass cooling towers to keep them functioning on an even keel. Make use of the maintenance service providers for this. They will take care of your industrial cooling tower and deliver timely reports and do the needed repairs to keep the towers in good shape. They provide a protective coating for the cooling towers that prevent corrosion and stop the growth of bacteria.

Check for compliance always
The maintenance team will need a lot of equipment for doing their work. This will include access platforms, rails, and ladders that provide a safe working environment near the tower. This should be in compliance with the AS 1657-2008 regulations. Assembly of platforms is done with skill and unsafe access points are upgraded to comply with the risk management plan. Owners of old cooling towers should consider getting the maintenance team to upgrade their tower and bring it on par with the latest standards of safety.

There are many brands of cooling towers and getting the spares should not be difficult if you have the right service provider. Parts like air intake louvres reduce water splash out and block out the sunlight. Due to this, the possibility for algae and bacteria to grow inside the tower is reduced. You might need spares for shafts, motors, and fan drives. Use of drift eliminators assures you the lowest pressure drop along with the removal of drift. Choose the spare parts that are in compliance with AS 4180.1-2008 so you have the quality and the needed standard.