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Ultrasonic Cleaning: What is the Perfect Way to Clean Guns?




Cleaning guns can be one of the most exhausting tasks. In fact, gun cleaning is the most time consuming tasks yet it is very important part of owning a gun. Cleaning the gun is very important as you need to clean the dirt that accumulates in the gun with time. If you do not clean guns from time to time then it results in the accumulation of the residue of gun powder as well as dust.

Earlier guns were cleaned using oils and chemicals with a very strong smell.  In this process every part of the gun is removed and then the oil and chemicals are used to clean and scrub the parts individually using a brush. The entire process of cleaning the guns using the traditional method is time-consuming and very messy. Therefore, it is not the best choice for gun cleaning.

Thanks to the technology savvy world and the introduction of ultrasonic cleaning you can clean your guns using ultrasonic cleaners rather than using messy oils and chemicals to clean the guns. The traditional method of gun cleaning is not only time consuming but it does not even clean the gun properly. As compared to the traditional method of cleaning guns ultrasonic cleaning is very efficient and cleans the gun in real time. Moreover, ultrasonic cleaning provides sixteen times better results as compared to the traditional method of gun cleaning.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that is used for high-quality cleaning. It uses ultrasonic energy for scrubbing the parts. The process has a liquid solvent to clean the residues and debris that loosens in the cleaner. Rather than using vapor degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning uses a liquid solvent that has to be added manually. For ultrasonic cleaning, you must not use organic solvents. The solvent is often used along with aqueous solutions like surfactants, detergents, and acid and alkaline cleaners.  While choosing the liquid solvent it is important to pick the right cleaning solvent. You must choose a solvent that does not charge the cleaning equipment, the liquids shall not cause excessive foaming, the fluid should cavitate for proper cleaning.

Mostly in ultrasonic cleaning immersing and soaking the equipment in the solvent is more than enough to remove the dirt (soil), however, in case of heavier debris scrubbing is required. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning methods for gun cleaning. After soaking and scrubbing the parts you will have to wash the parts.
Other than ultrasonic scrubbing methods are solvent agitation, tumbling, wiping and brushing.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that works through a jetting action of subsiding cavitating bubbles in contact to the surface which helps in providing a high-pressure jet of the liquid against the surface. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best ways to clean particles that are loosely attached to the surface after the process of abrasion. The process must be done very carefully because the jetting of the fluid can create a lot of pressure which may cause abrasion and result in cracks especially if you are cleaning delicate parts. The ultrasonic process is a widely used method of high-quality cleaning which uses ultrasonic energy to scrub the equipment and a liquid solvent to wash away the particles that loosen. These days you can find ultrasonic cleaners that have features like:

  • Filtration
  • Temperature control
  • Energy control
  • Frequency control
  • Wave train program
  • Frequency sweeping

How to Clean Guns Using Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Ultrasonic gun cleaners are an automatic device used for gun cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaners have been widely used for commercial purpose however, they come in quite inexpensive range and can be used for personal usage as well. The device can be used to clean guns at home effectively. The device uses ultrasonic high frequency and a cleaning solvent is used to clean the gears and parts of the gun. The ultrasonic device helps in cleaning and lubricating the gun which ultimately helps in proper cleaning and maintenance of the gun.

The cleaner performs a scrubbing action which helps in effectively removing oil-based debris, carbon deposits, soil and dust particulate matter from the gun. Once the gun parts are cleaned using high-frequency sound waves the parts are kept in a lubricating system. Because the parts undergo high-frequency sonic energy the lubricant can easily enter to each and every part of the gun. The water and moisture from cleaning are effectively removed which ensures no corrosion.

Why you need it?

Cleaning gun is really important and ultrasonic cleaning device is something that can give you the best results in real time. The gun cleaning devices are automatic and completely functional so you do not have to waste your entire day manually cleaning each and every part of the gun. You can find high-quality ultrasonic cleaning devices for guns which are highly efficient. It is a perfect device that cleans guns, pistols, rifles, and revolvers in the best way.

How Ultrasonic Device Works to Clean Your Gun Perfectly?

The process of ultrasonic gun cleaning involves a process in which strong ultrasonic waves are produced in the device which contains water. The waves cause cavitation which helps in scrubbing the parts that are placed in the tank. One of the major benefits of using ultrasonic devices for cleaning guns is that it reaches out to the place where you cannot manually clean using brushes. In addition to that, it helps in removing all of the particulate matter efficiently even the tiniest particles of carbon, gun oil, or other particles.

If the equipment placed inside the device is hard then the ultrasonic energy produces micro currents in the water which helps in cleaning the surface of the gun. One of the major benefits of the generated micro currents is that they are microscopic and can clean the gun parts properly even the smallest holes and parts where brushes can never reach. The gun cleaning device works in just three steps.

  • First of all, you will have to place the lubricating solution in the pan. Now place the gun and its parts on the pan. After this place the pan in the ultrasonic device.
  • Now press the button and the ultrasonic cleaning process will start. The entire process takes a few minutes.
  • After that, the lubricating solution is used to clean the left out dirt and dust particles that are hard to remove. It also helps in getting rid of the carbon residues and the moisture that is not removed during the cleaning process.

Once the cleaning is done using the ultrasonic device your gun will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated for best usage without using your hands to clean it. It definitely saves you a lot of time and money.

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