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Top Selling Cleopatra Halloween Costume for Women in 2018



This Halloween dresses up yourself in a persona that everybody would truly love – the Cleopatra Halloween costume. A fashion chic herself, Cleopatra wore gowns that earned the awe of the world. Whatever gown she wore, she was able to wear it with the right projection, poise, and elegance. Coupled with seductiveness and regal looks, she captured every man and brought them to her knees adoring her legendary beauty.

Cleopatra Costume For Halloween

These days she continues to influence the fashion trends with the costumes that are Cleopatra inspired. Travel back in time when Queens and the infamous Cleopatra ruled the dynasty. Relive the old age fashion and find out for yourself how it feels like to be Cleopatra of this milieu. Explore every possibility, create and recreate and most of all, let your taste and style move you to make the first step. So, this Halloween stunned the partygoers with a Cleopatra costume that you can choose from the wide array of Cleopatra outfits.

Deluxe Cleopatra Costume

Transform you into the Queen of the Nile dress up in this costume. This costume will really make you a queen with its features which include the dress, a cape, and a headpiece. Its white sleeveless dress is made of satin with a golden sash. The hem touches the floor and has slits that reach the knee. The dress is matched with a necklace made from sequins. As for its cape, it is floor length with sequins on the arms and wrists. The last feature is the beaded headpiece that is made of gold. This costume would go perfectly well with an Adult Egyptian Pharaoh. So find yourself a partner and you are off for the Halloween party.

Adult Cleopatra Costume

Make Cleopatra come to life wearing this costume. It has a gold headpiece with blue jewels in the front. It has also a gown which is white and sleeveless for you to show those shapely arms. It is floor length with a belt in front. Included in the gown are wrist cuffs. The belt is embellished with gold and white trim and blue sequins. The cape which is made of turquoise is attached to the shoulder of the gown. To complete the ensemble, you can adorn it with an Egyptian arm band and bracelets. With these accessories, you will truly look great and perfect for the Halloween party.

Kids Cleopatra Costume

Do makeovers to your kid as you turn her into a queen with this costume. Included as its features are the dress, the cape and the headpiece. The dress that is floor length comes with a sequined belt. The turquoise cape is attached to the shoulder of the gown. Another feature that will bring out the cuteness of your kid in this Cleopatra wear is gold headpiece which is decorated with blue jewels in the front. With this Cleopatra Halloween costume, your child will be excitedly looking forward to your next Halloween party.

Sexy Cleopatra Costume

If you are a lady who wants to earn fame and be the star of the night, dress up yourself with this costume. The dress is turquoise blue which has a sash in the waist to give prominence to your curves. Attached to the dress is a sheer cape that gives it a touch of royalty. The gold headpiece comes with a gold snake medallion located at the top center. To have a complete look of a real Egyptian Queen this Halloween, match your costume with a long black wig. Garbed in this costume plus the elegance and poise, you would be another persona of seductiveness.

There is a wide array of choices of Cleopatra Halloween costume to choose from but definitely, there is one Cleopatra costume out there that would define the personality you have. Whichever costume of Cleopatra you may opt to wear, bear in mind that comfort and price are not what really counts. Your personality matters the most.

Be the Queen of the Night with Your Cleopatra Costume Accessories

Cleopatra is probably one the most famous and intriguing figures of her time. Her reign as a ruler and life story as a controversial woman has stirred up such fascination and enthrallment that many literary works have been inspired through her. Hundreds of years after her existence, people, especially women, still remember this powerful woman by dressing up as the Queen of the Nile during Halloween.

One of the most distinctive features of Cleopatra is her midnight black tresses. Transform your own locks by wearing a black wig with specially woven bronze beads and wear the regal look of a queen. You can also match your Egyptian queen costume by adorning your head with a Cleopatra headpiece, a gold head accessory with shoulder-length beaded strands.

Embellish your arm with a snake-designed armband. It can be in gold or silver, depending on which shade compliments your outfit best.

Slip-on bejeweled, strappy sandals so you can understand what it is like to be in the shoes of this influential queen. Put on the long, curly fake lashes and bat posh looks the whole night.

Bear your Cleopatra Costume Accessories with a majestic poise and you will surely be in character the entire time.

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