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Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Son A Doll



The world is changing, our living standards have changed so why not to give a try to toys? Getting confused? No need to be perplexed. We are living in an era where nothing is impossible, but this is the answer why boys should play with a doll.

Why you need to buy a doll for your son, dolls are meant to be for daughters, but wait! There are several reasons you need to purchase a doll for your son. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons below.

Dolls – say no to gays

Nowadays, there is the chance that your son will possibly become gay. Therefore, buying a doll for your son can overcome this fear of parents. No doubt, there are several other boy toys, but offering him pink toys or dolls will help him to understand the difference between genders.
The virus of gay exists, so instead of encountering something wrong in the future; take precautions right now. Purchase a doll or pink toys as well for your son to educate him from the start.

Teach him the importance of femininity

This is true that some parents believe and seem worries that allowing their boys to play with dolls will make them the target for others to make fun or bullying. However, bulling lies more in comparison to becoming a victim is better. Kids making fun of your son playing with dolls somehow shows that there is something with the toy, so we need to remove the male dominance.
Yes, you get it right! This is the right way to educate people about female rights, too aware people that female is also good at taking a decision. In short, playing with dolls is not a crime. Pink color reflects beauty and softness, so playing with a doll shows the beautiful side of any girl.
Moreover, calling a boy with the name like a sissy, because he is playing with a doll shows that femininity is weak. In short, devaluing a lady becomes so easy for males so this can be an initial step from your side to educate the society.

Dolls – prepares him to be a future dad

It is important for boys to understand what is meant by fatherhood. Therefore, in order to develop fatherly feelings inside your son, you should purchase a doll for him. This is not a mother’s duty to take care of her home and kids, so buying a doll will make him realize the importance of family.
When kids will play with a doll, they will get the feeling of feeding, comforting and caring for their adorable baby dolls. In short, this is the best way to make your son realize that daughters are a blessing to any family. They should be treated with great care.

Girls can also with boy toys

This is the high time to say no to discrimination. Yes, you get it right. We are living in the 21st Century that is known as the era of technology and development. So, the development of the mind is also required. In the past decades, we have the concept that girls cannot play with guns, cars and other weaponry toys.
However, if you will purchase a doll for your son, so we can definitely remove the discrimination signs from our society. There is nothing wrong if a girl will play with a gun or car. In simple words, the idea that males are dominant and ladies have no rights has been changed.

Therefore, change your mind as well. Boys can play with the girl toys and same girls can play with cars and guns etc.