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The Best Bookshelf Speakers 2017



Home is where the heart is. People often times say that. But why our home is is this close to us and we always find ourselves emotionally attached to them. The reason is pretty simple. We have almost every aspect of our life associated with our homes.

We live, sleep, wake, enjoy them. They work as our party areas, study corners, living spaces, entertainment studios and whatnot. The definition of home as just a shelter is too limited.
Well, how does a home can work as all of these things? The answer to this is ‘personalization’. We personalize our homes according to our work, liking, and requirements. If someone needs to park a lot of cars, he is going to have a spacious garage, if someone wants to do gardening, he may want a lawn in front, and if someone wants to have a study space, he may like a sort of small library in his room.
What if someone wants to utilize his small home as both, a work or study space as well as an entertainment area. Well, you can use a single home for both by having the accessories for both in a single space. For example, place a reading table along with your sound system. Place the bookshelves with your musical instruments.
In order to do this, you will have to use compact stuff which will keep the room from running out of space. A good pair of speakers usually occupies a considerable space. But worry not, they also come in small sizes which while occupying not-so-much space, will still provide the ultimate listening experience. If you want to know the best speakers in compact sizes, see our list below.

1.      SVS Ultra

Speakers by the multi-award winning SVS just don’t disappoint when you are paying for quality sound. They cost nine hundred, ninety-nine dollars which sure is pricey but what you get in return is sure worth the price.

The speakers have a classy and modish look plus provide immensely clear sound. Because of their compact design, they can be placed anywhere easily. Although, if you are looking for product holders and arms, check out Complement Ltd. Denmark.

2.      KEF LS50

I love these speakers’ design. The speakers are beautifully crafted. The non-conventional design looks like a product from the future. This is probably the main reason they are loved by the people. But, don’t reside on the looks only.
 They sound great too. The only problem, they cost a whopping twelve hundred dollars which is obviously way more than a good speakers’ pair should cost.

3.      ELAC B6 Debut

If you are cancelling your plans of buying a pair of bookshelf speakers just because they are costly, do not cancel, because I have found for you the speakers which go out at only two hundred and eighty dollars.
 Don’t get the wrong idea because of their price tag, they sound great too. They are what we call value for money. I didn’t find the design much amusing though.

 4.      Definitive Technology Demand Series D11

These speakers, with their absolutely gorgeous design, give an amazing sound. It produces huge levels of bass which rocks the floor and trembles the walls. Plus it delivers low tone sounds beautiful. The drawback: the sound is not as clear as the frequency of the bass. 
What it achieves in a bass, it lacks in sound subtlety. They cost nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars.
 A good set of speakers is essential for any activity that includes artificial sound. 

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