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The Best Mini Fridges Of 2017 For Your Room, Office Or Home



To purchase a mini fridge, back to school is one of the most popular time. The reason is many students want a refrigerator in their dorm rooms. But such mini fridges also work well for offices, rooms as well as garages that have been turned into man caves.
Nowadays people want to make their things compact and safe. For cleaning service, check out apartment cleaning in NYCThe fact is mini fridges are not so much energy efficient like standard-sized refrigerators. 

Moreover, they do not hold a consistent enough temperature to preserve food safely for long time period. But, to keep beverages safe and quickly consumed items cold, mini fridges work just fine!
Let’s have a look at the best mini fridges of 2017!


One of the best mini fridges of 2017 is the Danby DAR017A2BDD. It is an energy-efficient mini fridge from the most popular brand. Danby is approximately 20.1 inches tall. It has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. Danby DAR017A2BDD uses a compressor instead of a thermoelectric cooler as its cooling system.

This mini fridge has one and a half wire shelves. Moreover, it has a separate rack and bin in its door. The door of Danby can hold six beverage cans as well as a tall bottle. 
Its unique design basically reduces the storage capacity of the main compartment when closed. The plus point is the door has a reversible hinge. It lets you open it from the right or left side, thus increasing its placement versatility.


The Haier HC17SF15RW is another mini fridge. It is a lightweight, quiet and easily stored compact refrigerator. Haier HC17SF15RW has 1.7 cubic feet of storage and a small profile. This fridge is a compact 19.5x 18.9 x 17.9 inches. 

Hence, you can fit into tight spaces like countertops, in dorm rooms and under desks as well.Haier HC17SF15RW can hold plenty of food and drink to keep on hand. 
It has a flat back and flush panels that make it an easy fit in difficult spaces. But, it will need some space in the back for ventilation. You can put this refrigerator inconspicuously in a work area or bedroom.


The Koolatron KWC4 Coca-Cola Personal Fridge is a popular mini fridge among people.
It is a retro-style mini fridge that is small enough to fit in a vehicle.
This fridge is available in hot red with Coca-Cola branding. Moreover, it includes the picture of a cute polar bear on its door. It has a capacity of 0.14 cubic feet.


It is only 12 inches tall and weighs 4.7 pounds. Koolatron KWC4 Coca-Cola Personal Fridge is used to cool soda cans that you can have on hand.


The other best mini fridge is the Magic Chef MCWBC77DZC. It is a freestanding wine as well as a beverage cooler. The plus point is it looks quite different from most mini fridges.

It is, in fact, a portable drink cooler that has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. Magic Chef is 34.4 inches tall and weighs 108.4 pounds. It is a little bit heavy but is still portable. It is perfect for countertop refrigerator for kitchens.
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