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Best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India



Hatha is the classic yet the general yoga style which includes most types of yoga practices. The Hatha Yoga system includes the breathing exercises or pranayama and the yoga postures or asanas. The practice of pranayama and asanas will help you to bring the balance and peace to your body and mind. It also helps to prepare your body for meditation and other deeper spiritual practices.

Hatha Yoga, to some extent, can be considered as the basic stage of yoga practices which are suitable for beginners. It’s because Hatha Yoga offers a more relaxed style which allows you to hold the poses longer than usual. However, Hatha could be used in a more broader Yoga practice and you may find a lot of Hatha variants.

The best way to learn authentic Hatha is by taking Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India. Goa is the most-visited yoga center which is also home to various Yoga schools approved by Yoga Alliance. Get your Hatha Yoga teaching verified with Yoga Alliance certification now.

Popular Places for Hatha Yoga :-  Isha Yoga is a school of yoga which offers a comprehensive curriculum of Hatha Yoga. Most participants have gained benefits from Hatha Yoga teacher training program in Isha yoga including physical health improvement, energy enhancement, breath awareness, and the balanced body and mind. Isha Yoga Institute is located Tamil Nadu.

Multi Style Yoga TTC Center, Goa :-  Goa Yoga Teacher Training School is Situated at Goa, Diya Yoga offer 200 hours of Hatha Yoga Teacher training with Yoga Alliance certification. Meera Acharya is the lead Yoga teacher trainer of Diya Yoga who is also registered with E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certification. In Diya Yoga, the teacher training applies the multi-style approach. Meera Acharya combines the Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Sivananda with the meditation and healing approach. This allows you to go deeper in your practice and consciousness than you can get from yoga teacher training.

The approach is also laying on the philosophy used in training which combines the western and eastern philosophy. Meera Acharya actually works and develop the yoga training in several countries including India, Australia, Israel, Germany, and Switzerland through personal sessions, retreats, and teaching courses. She’s dedicated to developing a modern approach in combining authentic Yoga and meditation with therapeutic techniques. This will suit you who want a comfortable transition of yoga practices and have a vision of being both Yoga Teacher and healing therapist. The reliable modern Hatha Yoga teacher training is only available in Diya Yoga.

Ekattva Yogshala :-  The yoga shala offers 200-Hours Yoga Training with Yoga Alliance certification. The program is designed to promote Hatha Yoga proficiency with high discipline and deep knowledge that helps you as a practitioner or teacher after you’ve finished the program. Furthermore, It offers a natural atmosphere, comfortable training, and clean accommodations in Rishikesh.

Rishikul Yoga Shala :-  It’s a wider Yoga network which offers Yoga teacher training Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal, and even Mozambique. Rishikul Yogshala offers comprehensive Hatha Yoga Training including the philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Anatomy, Meditation as well as Hatha Yoga teaching methodology. The extensive Yoga Alliance certification of America and International is also available for yoga practices and sciences.