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Top 10 Smart Watches of 2019 That You Need to See



Top 10 Smart Watches of 2019 That You Need to See

The smartwatch has had an interesting history, and it’s longer than you probably think. However, the smartwatches of today far exceed anything that could have been imagined even a decade ago.

With the boom in the smartwatch market, choices are more varied than ever. To help you navigate them, here’s a list of 10 awesome smartwatches. We’ll look at everything from high-end models to the best budget smartwatch you can get.

1. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple is by far the leader of the pack when it comes to smartwatches. This will cost you a pretty penny and is only compatible with iPhones, but the features are numerous and impressive.

If you’re a fan of Apple’s tech, this is the best smartwatch your money can buy.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

For fans of Android tech, this is the way to go. Sporting a rotating bezel, various color options, and a 1.3 inch AMOLED display.

The Galaxy watch also has an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to 1.5 meters deep for a half an hour.

3. Fossil Sport

As the name suggests, this smartwatch is perfect for the athletic-minded tech fan. Optimized for functions like step counting and heart rate monitoring, this sleek smartwatch is a great tool for any fitness fanatic.

4. LG Watch W7

The W7 is unique in that it is both a smartwatch and a traditional mechanical watch. Fully equipped with touchscreen functionality, when your battery dies, it still functions as a practical and stylish watch. In that sense, it’s the only smartwatch that can claim it keeps company with classics such as Breguet watches

5. Ticwatch Pro

The Ticwatch Pro is another unique watch. It features two displays, one stacked on top of the other. This allows the user to select between an OLED display and a fully interactive LCD display on top of it. 

6. Garmin fénix 5S Plus

Even more so than the Fossil Sport featured on this list, the fénix is specially designed with fitness-focused users in mind. Featuring a barometric altimeter, accelerometer, and various gym-oriented features, this is one serious exercise partner.

It also has internal storage that allows you to store up to 500 songs for the perfect gym playlist.

7. Fitbit Versa

Sleek and to the point, the Fitbit is already a favorite for the fitness crowd. Unlike Garmin’s model, the Versa is affordable no matter what your day job is. It also features 2.5GB of onboard storage for your motivational song needs. 

8. Huami Amazfit Stratos

Another affordable fitness smartwatch, the Amazfit comes loaded with features that will help you track all your metrics. It also features a sleep tracking app that even the latest Apple Watch lacks. 

9. Ticwatch S

If the Ticwatch Pro is more than you need, try this simpler but still highly usable Ticwatch S. It still packs all the essentials but trims the fat for a price tag no one could hate.

10. Huami Amazfit Bip

For budget-minded watch buyers, this is the cream of the crop. It does all the basics you’d expect from a smartwatch at an incredible price. Plus, it boasts 30+ days of battery life, so it won’t die on you at a crucial moment.

The Best Budget Smartwatch 

This list covered everything from the cream of the crop to the best budget smartwatch and everything in between. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Since you’re interested in tech, why not learn about more rising tech trends? Check out this list of mobile app development trends in 2019.

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