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This is how you can renovate your kitchen in a tight budget




In 2019 kitchen play a broader role than it did a decade ago. We want our kitchen to be in the best of the shapes while fulfilling the requirements. It’s the place where we enjoy the first cup of our morning coffee, gather for the evening chats, and also take our friends’ for a cozy dinner.

So, the kitchen is not just a central place in the house; it is also an expensive one. Thus, renovating kitchen can be a costly affair. So, today we are sharing tips to help you renovate your kitchen in a tight budget.

Budget kitchen renovation hacks

  • Refurbish kitchen cabinets instead of replacing

While renovating kitchen involves replacing your kitchen’s old cabinetries, if you are running tight on budget, you can save loads by avoiding it.  If they are made of solid and good quality wood, a few simple modifications can give your kitchen a fresh look.

It is also environment-friendly to avoid replacing the flooring, glass, kitchen cabinet doors, laminates, and other materials that use loads of woods or takes centuries to destroy.

Change the knobs, hinges, remove the stains and oil marks, and give fresh color to the existing cabinets.

  • Fix your appliances

Another eco-friendly and reasonable decision is to fix your devices instead of replacing them.

The modern-day appliances are not just easy to be repaired, but you will also get professionals at reasonable costs who can do it for you. So, why will waste your money on something which is not a necessity? On the contrary, have some fun with spray paint and change the colors of the old and functional appliances.

  • Purchase budget kitchen benchtops

Countertops or benchtops or worktops are an absolute necessity and can be expensive. Moreover, since they bear the maximum wear and tear, often you cannot avoid replacing them. So, look out for budget options – visit more than one shops, shop during sales sessions, look out for discounts, and exchange offers.

The most inexpensive yet modern technique of giving a fresh look to the countertops is to laminate kitchen benchtops.

The best benchtops for your kitchen depend on your current cabinetries, style, and budget, but by keeping your mind open to different varieties, comparing prices, and installing it yourself, you can save a reasonable sum of money. 

  • Don’t change the kitchen layout

Giving a complete new look to your kitchen’s design is sure to be costly. On the other hand, if you keep your kitchen layout fundamentally the same, and change only the elements in the framework, you will remodel your kitchen within tight budget also.

Changing flooring, plumbing services, and electric points require a lot of wear and tear and is massively expensive. So, you should avoid making any changes to these things.

  • Play with the lights

Lights and switches play a significant role in how bright and welcoming a kitchen looks and feels.

Shop for new lights and fixtures if you want to remodel your kitchen at the tightest budget. There are umpteen options available on the internet, check out their prices and options, compare them, and implement the most comfortable home improvement hack. But make sure that the lights do not make the kitchen space look smaller, and they go well with the other décor of the area.

  • Learn to do it yourself

Installation cost and labor cost is usually very high and forms a big part of your budget. So, if you can learn to do the installation yourself, you will save a lot, or you can invest it in purchasing better quality products.

There are many videos available on the internet, and you can take help of your family. But, you need to be cautious and invest the right amount of time in it. If you are not sure, it is better to hire professionals as you will surely not like to mess up with the essential place in your home.

Lauren Williamson is a ferocious reader with a desire to travel the world. He has been a part of many industries, and loves to shed light on the hard truths of the business world. Through his writings, he shares his experience with the readers to help them with their shortcomings.