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How to Get the Best Deal While Choosing Internet Connection for Home



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What one needs to know before signing up?

Before you go and purchase the best-fit internet for you and your family, I would recommend you to delve into a study, read online reviews and try to understand what type of internet is available in your area. Ask your next-door-neighbor, fellows, someone who is tech-savvy and is well aware of the internet market. They can guide you which internet connection is available and how to make the most of it.

The price of the internet deals depend on the declared downloading speed, and speed of the internet depends on how you utilize the supplied internet and how many people use that connection. Once you sign up, make sure you are getting the same speed as advertised and what you are paying for. For that, run an online internet speed test check and try downloading something, in order to get a clear idea.

What made me understand the significance of the internet?

In a matter of three months, my five friends changed their states due to their work commitment, projects, and education. They all have had been struggling with getting a reasonably priced reliable internet connection. I talked to them and realized one of them was pretty satisfied with the connection she was using. I investigated a bit but relied a little on the online reviews as well. So, before getting into detailed information with your friend, do check the availability of the providers on the internet, within your locality, and compare the services and prices.

Where to start?

The most convenient way and popular place to research is obviously the internet, you can get all the required information, public opinion and comparison among providers. And if you like the option and want to place an order, the best idea is to call and talk to the person with experience, they can better guide you and answer all your questions and concerns. For more explanation and information to monthly bills and hidden charges, whatever you would like to know and everything you should know as a customer. Besides that, you can get detailed information about the company, terms and conditions and everything you want to read, available on their official website.

The questions you must ask while researching:

Please make sure you don’t miss out on any of the essential queries as listed below: Which provider has the best TV and internet package?

  • Is there any option to bundle wireless plans with the internet?
  • Can you get TV and internet from separate providers and get still get the deal?
  • Is this mandatory to buy phone services with your internet deal?
  • Which provider gives no-contract internet packages?
  • If there is any contract, what are the terms and conditions?
  1. Compare Prices of all the available options

Asking around your friends and neighbors is fine, but for proper research, I would suggest you to Google your questions first. On a serious note, Google actually has all the answers. Analyze all the available connections in your area. Grab a pen and paper and start dialing customer service number of each provider you come across. Carefully compare the policies and contract terms and conditions before you sign up. Also, make sure if there is any contract in case you want to change the service provider or your location after a while.

  1. Understand what Type of Internet Service You Need

Are you looking for business services? How many people are going to use that internet and how much internet each of them uses? Obviously, a good rough estimate would do. I have shared the types of all popular internet service providers below.

Dial-Up connection (Analog 56K) is the oldest and slowest internet connection all of us have ever had. However, if there is no other option available, this can still be used in emergencies. Nonetheless, once you learn about the rest of the internet types available in the market, you will look for something speedier.

DSL shorter form of Digital Subscriber Line. This internet connection is apparently always “on” for the reason that DSL uses a router to carry data and the range of connection speed varies somewhere between 128K to 8 Mbps.

Wireless or Wi-Fi connection gives a relatively decreased connection compared to cable and DSL internet connections. The internet speeds vary between 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

The satellite internet, on the other hand, covers huge distances — a signal travels from earth to satellite and then back again, producing a lagged connection in contrast to cable and DSL internet. The internet speeds with satellite are about 512K to 2.0 Mbps.

Cellular internet, as we see everywhere 3G, 4G and now 5g are on its way to conquer the world. The 3rd generation is the full form of the 3G cellular network getting mobile internet speeds of almost 2.0 Mbps. The purpose of 4G is to deliver peak mobile speeds of 100 Mbps.

  1. Purchase Your Own Modem and Router

Another way to cut money on your bill is to use your own modem or router while placing your internet order. You can either get it from someone or use your old one, it will ultimately reduce the cost of your total bill.

  1. Customer Support Service

From placing your order of any new internet deal to calling daily, weekly or monthly for billing concerns, technical support, you have any queries about a pending order or want to upgrade your services or whatsoever the reason is. Once you sign up, you will have to deal with customer support only. You should be able to call their sales department anytime. The best internet provider will offer 24*7 support with live chat support, or email for covering, some providers are super active on social media too. Make sure the technical support is also accessible whenever you need them. Or if you want to check your credit, make a payment or get technical support for TV, Internet and Phone services. The support departments should be friendly, helpful and very proactive when it comes to their job and fixing the issues.

The bottom-line for finding the best deal internet connection is:

This may sound funny but I used an amazing internet connection (Call Spectrum Number) at my friend’s place and found it better than what I had for myself at my place. The quality, speed, prices, everything is totally on point and I hate to confess, it was better than all the connections I had used thus far. I had to change my connection in this semester break and I had the advantage to test and check the connection all by myself. I got all the information from my friend regarding the installation, prices and everything I needed to know.