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Fitness of the Future





The industry of fitness is changing. Fitness studios, which focus on one direction – cycling, cross

fit, interval training, keep up with the fashion.

The main category of fitness visitors is people aged 20 to 35 years. Sociologists call them generation Y or millennials. It is the first generation in modern history to invest in emotional experience, and not in possession of material objects. Millenials use gadgets actively, and they are aware of the latest trends; they value freedom and authenticity.

Sport for Generation Y is a way to get bright impressions, push the boundaries of the possible, and communicate with people close in spirit. It is their main difference from previous generations who choose fitness to maintain health and appearance. Fitness studios appeared in response to the needs of the millennials and shifted the focus of attention from the result to the process itself.

Focus on loyalty

People are different. They listen to different music, move at a different pace, set different goals, and choose different training directions. Studios do not try to please everyone; they identify a specific audience, study its interests and needs, and produce a product that matches the request of that audience.

You like to spin the pedals around, but you are not ready to risk health on the streets loaded with cars – come to the cycling studio. You want to develop awareness and learn to stand in an unexpected posture for a long time – try classes in a yoga studio. If you want your muscles to burn out after 15 minutes of training, and to be pouring with sweat, choose a studio for interval training.

A trim figure and a healthy lifestyle are always up-to-date. Every year the sphere of fitness is actively developing, and it is worth following the trends closely to keep up with the time and correctly change.

Functional training

Functional training continues to be a trend for the past several years. It is very multi-tasking and diverse, visitors to fitness clubs like it. It is the reason that it does not lose its popularity. Replacing one hundred percent, strength training with functional will not work; they solve different tasks and are not interchangeable. Also, some people show only one of these types of exercise.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Like functional training, HIIT is a trend that gained popularity about three years ago. Nowadays, new approaches to HIIT-working out are pending, because in this case, it is essential to think over the structure of the training to reduce the risk of injury. In X-Fit, HIIT workouts have long been present in the program, and in 2019, efficiency and more excellent safety are going to be a primary task. There is also a new direction: FMS, where you can assess the state of the muscular system, which will help to improve all workouts significantly, including HIIT.

Health training

Specialized training for recovering still cannot be identified as a separate trend. It is one of the critical areas. If you do not go in for sports, then you have to spend huge sums on health care,

which is expensive in the US. Nevertheless, everyone in the modern world is faced with the so-called “stone jungle problems.” A considerable number of cars appeared, people became lazier, and more opportunities appeared not to make other movements in everyday life. Therefore, there are unnatural disorders of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, a postural dysfunction. Improper posture leads to impaired blood flow, distribution of the load on our joints, and other health problems. Therefore, it is essential to train to form the right movements.

Customized approach

Every self-respecting fitness club provides a wide range of services, and it is not just that. There are different psychological types of clients, so they need different workout structures. For example, extroverts prefer group programs, and introverts will choose personal training. It is more dependent on personal preference. It is important to note that the best result can be obtained if the training is held on an individual basis, for example, in mini-groups or with personal training. Group training is designed for the average person and cannot give the desired result due to the lack of consideration of the individual characteristics of the organism. The personalized approach provides the best effect since the training is calculated according to your goals and physical indicators.

Focus on the professionalism of the staff

The choice of a coach most often occurs at the energy level, and only in the process of training and long-term communication, a person can assess the level of knowledge and professionalism. Nevertheless, due to a wide variety of fitness services, clients began to take a closer look at choosing a trainer. If he does not say anything, does not build training individually for your condition, is not interested in your health and limitations, this may be a signal that the coach is incompetent.

Technology in training

Cycling and cardiovascular exercises also remain at the peak of popularity. Besides, they have become technological. Each client can already monitor the pulse during exercise, observing the

general state of health with the help of various systems. The introduction of multimedia training is also an absolute trend (this is especially popular in cycling). A new leap in popularity of online training and the use of various fitness gadgets is also expected.

What will NOT be popular

Traditional aerobics – dance, step aerobics – and sophisticated choreographic training take a back seat. Now you practically will not find them in the schedule: they are standardized and have lost their relevance due to low efficiency. “Smart” fitness came to the fore, that is, the one where the coach must think through each element.

Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer and a sporty girl who is currently working for online proofreading companies, traveling throughout the world and finding time for sport wherever she goes. Moving is living, she says.