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The Best Running Shoes of 2017



May it be a marathon or an ordinary school racing competition or a national level competition, the running season never goes off and same is the case with the running shoes. You see, the reason that we specify this pair of shoes as the “running shoes” is because they are specifically constructed for racing and almost everyone who buys shoes has only one top priority, which is the comfort level.
Every one of us wants the maximum comfortable shoes for our feet and obviously when it comes to running, well you would want both, strength and comfort at the same time. There are different brands that are nowadays offering extremely good quality, for example, there are the best Nike shoes for standing all day and they are currently on the top of the most comfortable shoe list but again, when you go to the market, you’ve got so much option that you get confused on what to buy and what not to buy.

We know you and we do understand your needs which is why today in this article, we are going to jot down some of the top running shoes that are trending in 2017.

1  1-  New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3

This award-winning pair of shoes is the editor’s choice for spring this year and there are all the justifications for why it is the best. The Zante v3 is light in weight yet very strong which is the one excellent sign of an amazing shoe. Not only is it light in fact it is soft enough to support you throughout your marathon and other long runs.It comes with the shape of a sidewall along with the outsole protrusions.
Above everything, the reason why the Zante v3 is in our list of the top running shoes is that it is high in quality and reasonable in price, this is something you won’t find easily nowadays because today in this age you have to pay more for higher quality. However, Zante is a choice worthy to be made.
2- Brooks Ravenna 8 

Imagine a pair of shoes that can work well for both, long marathons and temp races? Well, I am sure you loved the thought of it which is why we do have a surprise for you, the trending pair of shoes of 2017 is none other than the Brooks Ravenna 8, it has won hearts globally and it is unbeatable when it comes to the performance. 
It comes with an X shaped patch in the mid foot part to make it smoother and also, like all the other high-quality shoes, the Ravenna 8 is very light in weight and smooth too. You will just love wearing these while you are running and they will keep you motivated and won’t let you get tired easily.
3- Vasque Constant Velocity 

This pair of shoes got the best debut award for the spring of 2017 and as always, we’ve got some right justifications on why it is the best.As the name indicates, the Velocity comes with an aggressive yet comfortable sole along with some amazing clover shaped rugs which will help you run through anything, hard or soft. 

If you are going to run on a rough ground then the Velocity is what you need to buy right now because it comes with a rock plate in the forefoot which is responsible from protecting your foot from any sort of damage. 
It is undeniably the best pair of running shoes and we’ve got a lot of positive and good customer reviews about it too.
Overall Verdict 

This is it for today, stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about the trending shoes. Till then, keep loving and sharing our articles.

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