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Key Steps Followed by Branding Agencies to Build the Successful Brand



Below is the summarized case study of Oman based real estate brand who hired one of the leading branding agency in Dubai to rebuild their brand from scratch.


Agency was given the challenge to rebirth UAMCO into a whole new brand with clear direction that no elements should be carried forward from its past.
The agency had to rebuild the brand from scratch, developing the directions for brand placement, vision, mission, values and the key element – the name creation.

The Challege


A successful brand name has to reflect the personality of the company and be representative of all the properties, the main attributes of the business and its products. Agency gave a rebirth to OAMCO as WUJHA – a brand which talks about the goals and reaching the destination.

Brand Strategy


Agencies’ strategists were inspired by the key aspects that a developer should possess and that must be delivered to its customers. To provide the set target audience with the lifestyle for a better living, the developer must be innovative, bold, confident, passionate and consistent. Working on these attributes and via market research, Agency developed a strategy for the brand’s identity. Their team worked together to design the elements for its internal and external positioning, what should it communicate and lastly to ensure that both visual and verbal communications are synchronized to build the desired perception in consumer minds.



After the strategic directions were locked in place, the focus was shifted to create the whole
brand experience based on the set strategy and give visual language to the written direction. Creating the brand experience was not only to develop the logo or colors, it was about selecting the perfect
selection of color, the mood, the typography, and the design elements which will be later infused together to give the final shape to the experience.



Creating the mood board for the brand communication design, Agency looked at the beauty of Oman, both the architectural and nature to derive a combination and harmony between nature and luxury living.



To design the identity, the agency team worked with elements from mood board and bold, defined typography and inspirations from architectural design to develop the best visuals that communicate the brand name and put the identity into the colors that speak of the essence of the brand.


brand identity 2


As identity and communication design is not the only part of the brand experience, corporate collateral, stationaries, and uniforms and other elements are combined form the big picture. Agency provided WUJHA with all the tools that would assist WUJHA to build a brand, which is consistent in
all its communication aspects.



As the services rendered by agency and the level of understanding developed, the relationship turned into retainer partnership and the digital handle was being managed by agency in order to provide a day to day update, respond, post and engage the audience. With social media, the SEO and digital ads campaigns for different projects were also being managed by agency.

Social Media


Digital presence cannot be ignored while developing a brand and one which communicates to be modern, bold, and offering destination living. Agency designed and developed the website for WUJHA, so that the target audience can reach the brand with the ease of a click. Layouts, design and wire framing were done in a way that the interface and experience stay user-friendly while all the required information can be obtained with just a few clicks.