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Take Advantage of Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale Boxes – Read These 9 Tips

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All business owners, especially in the competitive markets of today are well aware of the importance of packaging. The reason for that is, with so much competition, the best quality products are not the only thing that customers are looking for. That is because there are so many companies who promise the best quality. But what the customers are looking for is the innovation that you bring into those items, as well as the presentation. Because whenever a customer buys a product, the packaging is the first thing that the customers will see.

The importance of packaging is even more important when you are talking about cosmetic products. The main reason for that is that a number of these products have female customers. It would not be wrong to say that more than 70% of the cosmetic industry is based on products for females. The customers include girls in their early teens, working women, middle-aged as well as older women. So in order to attract customers, who are mostly females, Cosmetic Packaging needs to have a certain aesthetic value.

There are a number of amazing ways in which you can take advantage of cosmetic packaging wholesale for your business. Here are 9 tips for you.

1. Sizes:

Cosmetic products come in a number of different sizes. There are some products that are small in size and some that are bigger. If you chose the same size of custom cosmetic boxes for all sizes, then it will be perceived as laziness on your part. So in order to show the customers that all your products have been prepared with extreme care by taking into consideration the customer experience, then you need to use different sizes for all products. This will show that you don’t only care about making sales, but you also want your customers to have the best experience when they buy your product. This will help you in getting the trust and confidence of the customers, which will have long term benefits for you as well as your brand.

2. Shapes:

As already stated, aesthetics has a great value for cosmetic products. The reason for that is that most cosmetic products are made for women. Even some products that are for men should also have this aspect, because they too, have to stand out from the competition on retailers’ shelves. Due to the advancement in the field of technology and industrial expansion, there are really advanced cutting and creasing machines. Due to this, you can have a number of different designs and shapes of customer boxes at very minimal prices.

The most suitable designs that you can use for cosmetic products include pillow boxes, display boxes, and a number of others. This allows you to help your products to stand out from the competition while they are placed on customer shelves.

3. Safety:

The main purpose of your cosmetic packaging and all different types of packaging apart from attracting customers is to protect the contents. When a customer buys any product, they expect it to be in the best shape and condition for use. Because if the customer gets a broken or a soiled product, that does not bode well for your business. Due to this, the customer will lose trust in the products from your brand. That is why they will never buy your products in the future. Even if you offer a replacement, they will still feel like it is a lot of hassle, which can be avoided by simply buying a product from another brand.

Apart from that, one of the main reasons why you need to protect the product is that replacing a broken product costs you a lot as well. You have to bear the price of the broken product as well as offer a new one as well. Everyone knows that cosmetics are already quite expensive products due to which profit margins are already low. If you have to offer a replacement on top of that, instead of making any money, you will be losing it. Therefore, you need to select the material of your packaging carefully as well. Always select the one that is best for providing protection, does not look cheap, and keeps your products safe from moisture, humidity, and heat as well.

4. Using eco-friendly material:

In this day age, the customers have gotten really conscious about the environment, and rightly so. The effects environmental pollution has on our eco-system do not seem so far in the future. We are suffering from those effects now. Therefore, not only do they prefer items that are not hazardous for the environment, but also prefer the companies that are conscious about the environment as well. Because like individuals, brands also have a certain amount of social as well as corporate responsibility to protect the environment as well.

This can also serve as a great advantage for your brand. If you make sure that neither your products nor your processes have any harmful effects on the environment, then the customers will choose you over all others. There are a number of materials that you can use for your custom cosmetic boxes that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly materials are those that are pretty easy to recycle or are easily biodegradable. Kraft is an example of such materials. Therefore, you can use such materials for the manufacturing of your boxes, which will not add to the environmental pollution because either they will degrade over time, or they can be recycled and will not be added to landfills, in turn, reducing pollution.

5. Providing information to the customers:

There are a number of printing techniques at the disposal of packaging manufacturers. That includes offset printing, laser printing, and numerous others. When you are using different types of shapes and sizes, there is a lot of space available on which you can print a lot of information regarding the products that you are using and the ingredients that are being used. As already stated, the customers have a lot of awareness than they had a few years back due to the availability of the internet.

Therefore, you can use this opportunity to your advantage as well. You can print a number of informative facts about the ingredients that you are using. Not only that, but you can also print a number of messages to the customer from your brand. This can help you in telling your brand story to the customers. They will always prefer products from those brands with whom they can associate. Because it gives them a feeling of using personalized products that have specifically been designed by keeping the customers in mind.

6. Marketing of your products:

In this day and age, you cannot rely on traditional marketing techniques. The reason for that is there are so many competitors that you have to fight against. This has provided the customers with a large number of options and alternatives as well. So apart from your marketing on social media, electronic and print media, the packaging that you are using should be able to market your product and your brand as well. As already stated, there are a number of printing techniques that are available. So if you want to use them to your advantage, you can print your brand logo, use exciting colors, use different textures. This will help you to stand out from the competitors and your boxes will do your brand marketing for you apart from the various other marketing techniques.

7. Displaying:

Not very long ago, there were separate shops from where the customers could buy their cosmetics. But that has changed a lot too. Now there are malls and supermarkets where there are tons of retailer’s shelves. And all these shelves are filled with tons of products from various manufacturers. So it is understood that if your products do not stand out from the competition, there is no chance for you to make any sales.

There is another great advantage of custom cosmetic boxes. And that is that you can use these boxes as display boxes as well. There are a number of styles and designs like boxes that have a display window through which customers can see the products. There is another design that comes with different fixtures. You can display different cosmetic products like lipsticks, nail polishes, mascaras, and a number of others in this.

In order to increase your sales, there are a number of strategic places in aisles that can also serve you in making more sales. For example, by putting your products on the end of the aisle, in a separate display box, the customer will unconsciously buy those products because they are not among the ones on the aisle. Apart from that, you can also put them on checkout counters. So while the customer is waiting for their items to be scanned at checkout, they might be intrigued to buy one last product that has been displayed in such an amazing way.

8. Shippers:

Due to the availability of the internet and becoming in access to everyone, the trend of shopping has also changed as well. A number of people shop for various products online. Therefore, when you are delivering your product to the customers at their doorstep, there is another advantage of packaging that you can use. And that is with the help of shippers. You can use a number of different designs that will help you in giving an amazing unboxing experience to your customers. Due to this experience, they will come back and buy your products and will become a regular customer.

9. Add value to products:

The biggest advantage that you can have from your cosmetic packaging wholesale is that you can add value to your products. There are a number of different coating techniques as well as a number of different materials that can help you in giving an amazing texture and feel to the traditional brown box. As discussed earlier, cosmetics are quite expensive products. Therefore, when the customer holds your product, they must feel like they are getting the value of their money. So with the help of these textures, you can give a premium feel to your packaging, which will not only provide the value of money to the customers but will also add value to your products as well.

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