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Eco Packaging Keep your encased Items Especially Food, Secure from Coronavirus

With the world being plagued by Coronavirus; eco friendly boxes play a great role in keeping the packed products safe from unwanted and threatening contaminations.




Eco-friendly boxes are used for all types of products across the globe. They are versatile since they can handle a great variety of products. They can also be designed in a variety of ways to fit the needs of a lot of businesses. The best thing is that they are made out of cardboard or Kraft paper that can be recycled as well as can be disposed of to landfills. Such boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs following the requirements of the products that are to be packed in them. You can get them printed in many exciting colors, patterns, images, and the logo of your brand in order to make them look related to your brand. You can choose the color scheme from a wide range of CMYK color schemes. Moreover, you can also choose various exciting finishing techniques to make them look more alluring.

The severe calamity of the coronavirus disease is subjected to the entire world at the present time. The great safety and impenetrable features that these custom eco friendly boxes provide can help keep the threatening microbes outside the packaging while keeping everything inside them safe and away from all the harmful microbes. The following features make sustainable packaging so adequate to keep the microbes out of them.

Zero Surface Nutrition:

All the microbes and viruses need nutrition to survive like bigger organisms. If they do not find food, they shall starve to death and be neutralized. This stops their multiplication and propagation to various other surfaces that come in contact with them. The custom eco-friendly packaging boxes are made out of dry paper-based material. The only thing the paper has that can remotely be related to nutrition is the fiber, which has practically no energy value to keep the microbes alive. Therefore, on the surface of the eco-packaging, the microbes and viruses can die out in a few hours. We can expect that no harmful microbes shall be present on the surface of the paper-based green packaging, and most of them shall be destroyed during the transportation if they ever got attached to the packaging box. And we are talking just about the carton box; if it is subjected to reasonably high temperatures during the transportation, they might survive for only a few minutes.

Air-Tightening Option:

The only instance where food and other products might get contaminated outside the manufacturing facility would be during transportation. Eco-packaging has the superior capability to be customized as much as the client desires. They can be designed to be folded into air-tight packaging for food so that the contaminations through the suspended droplets in the air cannot pass through the walls of the packaging boxes. Therefore, it can help minimize the possibilities of the microbes reaching the food and other packed products inside them. But there is a problem regarding them that if they are subjected directly to water, nothing can be said about their ability to block out all the threatening microbes and keep the products inside them safe to use and consume.

Insulation for Food:

There is another way to keep the food safe from Coronavirus during transportation with the help of sustainable packaging. They can be modified to provide reasonable thermal insulation for the food. The main point is that most viruses and other microbes are destroyed when subjected to higher temperatures. When the food is oven hot, it has no contaminations attached, and if this temperature is maintained within the food packaging during transportation, it can destroy any microorganism that might make its way to the food inside. Who would have considered that a simple green packaging can be so productive in protecting our food against various microbes and prevent a health-threatening situation for the consumers? They are super productive and good for the entire process.

Reasonable Tear Resistance:

Another good thing about these recyclable boxes is that they hold a reasonable strength to prevent getting perforated or torn off. The sustainable packaging wholesale dealer can be guided to customize the strength as required. If they did not break or tear, they would not allow anything microbial to enter the packaging and get attached to the products it carries. Therefore, the strength of the custom printed eco-friendly boxes also matters when it comes to keeping food safe from contaminators. The best eco-friendly material for the food packaging would be Kraft paper since it is unbleached and does not contaminate the food with harmful chemicals. It has the greatest wear resistance among all the paper-based packaging materials. Many merchandises and reusable packaging providers make use of Kraft paper to produce packaging for food.

Laminated Packaging:

The paper-based Biodegradable boxes in the USA can be laminated with wax or other layering resin sprays. This is an exceptional feature in case you want to wipe your food packaging with some anti-septic liquid or sanitizer before you open the packaging to consume your packed food. It would further reduce the chances of being affected by the Coronavirus since you have destroyed all the possibilities of getting affected by sanitizing the surface of an air-tight and laminated food box.

As elaborated, the eco-friendly boxes have great potential to be modified to keep the packed products safe from the Coronavirus. It is just amazing how they can serve nature by being biodegradable and a safety apparatus for various products in the market against a plaguing disease.

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