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Moving to Inwood, New York



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Relocation can be a great experience if you are well prepared and ready for that. And when you are moving to Inwood you will see that this is the truth. Because as soon as you are done with its practical ins and outs, you can enjoy yourself exploring the new destination’s nightlife gems. Finding out as much as you can about Inwood’s outdoor areas, cultural facilities and other eventful amenities is so much fun.

But, before you do that you need to organize your move. You need to find a perfect place for living. And then you need to learn how to find the right moving assistance in New York. That has to be the moving company that you can trust with your precious belongings. And yes, planning a relocation is difficult, but you need to focus on the fun part. And that is moving to Inwood.

Moving to Inwood 1

You need to find a moving company who will take care of your relocation.

Why should you move to Inwood?

Inwood is one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for living. It’s located at the tip of Manhattan, and it is the northernmost point on the island. Because it’s so far up and is bounded on three sides by the Harlem and Hudson Rivers. It is more peaceful than Upper Manhattan’s more centrally located neighborhoods, like Hamilton Heights or Harlem. Inwood has a low-key atmosphere thanks to the zoning restrictions limiting building heights to seven stories. Inwood is a friendly, community-oriented neighborhood. People here are watching out for each other. And that’s why this neighborhood is popular among empty-nesters who are downsizing from their suburban New York or New Jersey homes. Rather that than moving into expensive properties in Midtown.

Inwood is a peaceful neighborhood. It has a calmer feel thanks to its landscape and geography. And besides that, it is also safe for living. Like much of Upper Manhattan, Inwood was once troubled by street crime and violence. But now the neighborhood is changing dramatically through the years.

Apartments in Inwood

Right before hiring Inwood based moving professionals you need to find where are you going to live. And that’s why when you are moving to Inwood you should know something. Here in this neighborhood apartments are different than those elsewhere in the city. Longstanding building restrictions mean that the majority of buildings are low-rise. And that gives the area an open and spacious feeling. But with the help of leafy parks that looks really nice. Inwood apartments for rent range from classic to modern. And some Art Deco properties are somewhere in between them. That’s why in addition to these details, many buildings also offer communal gardens.

Moving to Inwood 2

When moving to Inwood, one thing is for sure. You will find an apartment that is going to be just what you were looking for

What are you going to do when moving to Inwood?

When it comes to relocating to Inwood you can find everything you need on the website. But when you need some entertainment information, then you need to search better. Because this neighborhood isn’t exactly known for its shopping or wild nightlife.

Inwood lacks in large commercial shopping spots, but it makes up with charm. The main highways of Dyckman Street and Broadway are both filled with restaurants, bars, and small shops. You can get your toiletries at Dichter Pharmacy and you can relax at the old school soda fountain. But, there is no shortage of good food. Especially, when it comes to Latin American fare and Dominican food in particular. And the area east of Broadway is more industrial. Also, you will find plenty of unusual historic, cultural and athletic destinations in Inwood. From the Met Cloisters to the Inwood Canoe Club to Columbia University’s Baker Athletics Complex.

Moving to Inwood

The reason why should you move to Inwood is because Inwood offers something almost entirely unique in Manhattan. And that is the ability to get away from it all. This small neighborhood is surrounded by the Hudson and Harlem Rivers, and it gives an infinitely spacious feel. Parks here are perfect for getting some respite from the nonstop buzz of downtown. Even though is have the taste of an old-world, it’s far from isolated.  And if you plan to relocate here take a look at Moving 101 guidelines.

Moving to Inwood 3

Inwood has the most beautiful parks.

Restaurants and bars when moving to Inwood

Before you move you need to know how to plan a relocation. And when you are done with that process you can start exploring the area. You can do that with finding a perfect restaurant that will fit your needs when moving to Inwood. Because there is a lot of quiet but far from boring spots to dine and drink. For example, you can enjoy in Mamajuana Café. Which is designed with the architecture of Santo Domingo in mind. Then there is affordable Venezuelan spot Cachapas y Mas. Or if you like tradition Mexican dishes the Guadalupe Restaurant is going to be the perfect choice for you. Also, there is, of course, an Indian Road Cafe where you can take quick morning coffee. Whatever your choice you should know that this neighborhood has it all.

When it comes to bars in Inwood there is also a lot of options. Just steps away from Isham Park, Inwood Local keeps the craft beers with the live music hitting. This cozy Corcho Wine Room is the perfect place for catching up with friends or for a date, or for the happy hour.

When you move to Inwood

When you are moving to Inwood you will hear that many residents describe Inwood as a friendly and community-oriented neighborhood. And that’s what makes him so great for living. Also, you will find out that it has more of suburban feel compared to the rest of Manhattan. And that is very culturally diverse. Because nearly half of Inwood’s residents are foreign-born. But there is no doubt that you will find a place here that is going to be perfect for you and your family. So good luck, and when you unpack those bags go out and start exploring this beautiful part of Manhattan.