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How Long will I Have to Wear Braces?



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Chubby cheeks, rosy lips, dimpled chin but teeth with tin? By now you will know what all am I talking about? And if you have irregular teeth, then either you will experience it or are experiencing it.

The problem which people feel is with the braces is that one needs to wear it for quite a while. During this period, they face a lot of issues and the biggest of them is the look with the braces especially when you wear traditional metallic braces.

Though the advancement in dentistry has introduced wider choices for braces yet every type has its own pros and cons.

The biggest of them is the duration for which one needs to have them on. The very first question that people ask when they visit a dentist for getting the braces is that how long they need to wear the braces. This question concerns the larger audience since having braces on has a direct impact on your looks for which majority of people (kids & adults) pay maximum heed to.

Through this blog, we will talk about the factors on which the duration of wearing your braces depends. The normal time for having braces is 6 months to 24 months but that varies from case to case and involves a lot of factors such as:

Type of Braces

The advancement in the dental industry has introduced a number of types of braces. Depending on the type the duration is decided. The most common of all the types is the traditional metal braces. since quite long these braces have been in the picture and a lot of people go for this as they are strong and uses strength in pushing the teeth in the desired position. Next in line is the ceramic braces. People who have aesthetic concerns usually go for these braces.

They are hardly visible on your teeth and are thicker. The ceramic braces function exactly like the traditional metallic braces through the strength of the metal braces are quite high.

Aligners, the new-age braces are clear plastic trays which are custom made for a particular set of teeth. They are removable braces. The trays move the teeth into the required location and need to be remade after every week depending on the movement.

All the type of braces would work on a different case and depending on that will require different time to have the braces on.


Though a person can get braces at any age and the new-age braces overcome all the problem associated with the braces, yet the age helps to know the duration of having the braces on. Because the jaw of a child is in a growing stage, therefore, the time to be taken to get the complete treatment is usually less. The treatment can be handled aggressively. On the other hand, adults have to wear the braces for a longer duration as their teeth are all grown-up now and will take time to adjust. But this does not necessarily mean the time period extending to 2 years. All we are trying to say is that the time taken by kids are lesser than that of adults.

Depends on the Case

The teeth which are facing the issue of severe overcrowding or malocclusion will take more time to get corrected. They might need to take the treatment for more than a year and after that may also require to use retainers to keep the teeth intact in the desired position. In some cases, it might also be important to go for surgery.

Retain the treatment

Apart from the pointers as mentioned above a person’s oral habits also play an important role. If you adopt all the practices as advised by your dentist and are following the routine as given by your dentist, then your treatment will be completed early. In addition to this, regular visits to a dentist at your nearest dental clinic is a must or as mentioned by your dentist.

Apart from all the factors as stated above the question as to how long one need to have the dental braces will only be answered by an orthodontist. They can guide you well and will help in getting the right smile for which you had to undergo the treatment of braces. 

Iftekhar is a professional Digital Marketer and Health Blogger since many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people who want to know more about their oral health.