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Moving 101



Moving is one of those things we all must experience at least once in a lifetime. According to research, relocation is also one of the most stressful events a person has to go through. Since moving seems to a necessary evil, you might as well learn how to deal with it once you are forced to move out of your old home and into a new one. So, before you sell your house and have to evacuate it, here is a moving 101 lesson containing all the pre-move tasks.

Moving 101 – the basics

What all people embarking on a moving process need to know is that moving is complex. It is a process that takes time, and cannot be planned in a matter of days. At the core of every successful relocation is a good and thorough plan, which can only be made if you are not short on time. That is why the first and most important advice moving experts give to those who ask is – start on time. When a person is not pressed for time, he or she does not have to hurry when making decisions. Instead, you have the luxury to explore your options when moving and make only well-informed decisions. In case you were not aware, a person that holds all the information can rarely make a wrong choice. With that being said, keep on reading if you want to find out which tasks you need to tackle months before your moving day.

Figure out your budget

So far, we have learned that moving is complex and time-consuming. But, there is one thing that seems to be maybe even more important than these two – moving is expensive. If you go into a relocation process bluntly, you could end up with your bank account in the red. Why would you let such a thing happen when there is a simple way to avoid it? The first and arguably the most important moving 101 lesson is to figure out your budget in advance. Moreover, knowing how much you can spend means nothing unless you stick to it. Thus, be wise, and do not let your new life start off with debt.

Book relocation professionals

A person can either decide to have a DIY move or hire relocation professionals to help them carry the burden of moving. While some people are perfectly capable of pulling off a DIY move, others can hardly imagine going through this process without some professional help. The benefits of hiring movers are numerous and they are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you have someone with plenty of experience in your corner.
  • Secondly, you can literally let someone else carry the load instead of you.
  • Thirdly, you get to avoid moving-related injuries, which usually happen while lifting heavy items.
  • Finally, you get to relieve some of the moving stress which is an integral part of every relocation.

Moving 101 – If your finances allow it, make sure you get a trustworthy moving company by your side on the day of your move. Reputable movers will always respect your moving rights, and do everything in their power to make sure you have a pleasant relocation.

Pack up your belongings

The thought of packing up all of your belongings is enough to make your head spin with worry. It will take you a lot of time, effort and help to do this correctly. The first thing you need to do is stay calm in this stressful situation. Yes, packing can be a nightmare, but you are doing no one any good by stressing out about it. Instead, gather the packing supplies, call in your loved ones for help, and get down to work. Start by packing up one room, then work your way to the rest of the house, and make sure no room is left uncovered.

If you want to stay away from the stress packing brings, there is a way to avoid it. For those that are willing to invest some money, moving companies have come up with packing services. They come to your house armed with packing supplies and let you instruct them on what you need packed. They can deal with your entire house or fragile items only – you decide.

Stay healthy during your move

Even if you do everything by the book and have the most perfect relocation imaginable, it means nothing if you lose your health in the process. Believe it or not, this is something that happens more often than you think. And, speaking about your health, it includes more than just your physical shape. Your mental health is just as important, and it is usually the first one to get hurt during relocation. Therefore, staying as calm and stress-free as possible is the most important moving 101 lesson you need to abide by.

Luckily, keeping your body in the optimal condition is easier than not stressing out. All you need to do is make sure you get plenty of rest and get full eight hours of sleep. Moreover, drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, as that will be your fuel in the days to come. When it comes to your diet, you need to be extra wary. While you might feel tempted to eat a lot of comfort food that is loaded with carbs, such as hamburgers, it will not do you any good. Instead, you should opt for food that contains plenty of fiber and protein, such as lean meat and vegetables. This type of nourishment will give you the energy you need but will not keep you bloated.

The conclusion

If you wish to have a successful relocation that will not leave you broke and stressed out, all you have to do is follow these moving 101 tips. They are coming from the pros, and they certainly have the power to make or break your relocation. After everything is said and done, do not forget to enjoy this process. Chances are you do not have too many relocations to go through in your lifetime, so make sure this one counts. Focus on the good things instead of the bad ones, and everything will go according to the plan.