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Instagram Photo Contest Ideas to take your Business up a Notch



Social media marketing is essential to the success of your business brand online. You will find there are several competitors in your business niche and all of them are vying for the attention of the targeted audience. Online visitors have become savvy, and they look for companies that invoke trust and credibility. Simply having a business website alone if not enough to trigger customer attention and user engagement. As a business owner, you must engage innovative and creative ways to engage users and increase the number of followers to your brand.

Increase followers on Instagram

Ever since its arrival in 2010, Instagram has gained immense popularity as a photo sharing platform. In fact, online businesses have increased inbound targeted traffic with Instagram marketing. Instagram is an innovative platform different from Facebook and Twitter. It is known for its easy interface and can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphone. The photo filters allow you to provide your images with a professional appeal as if you have taken pictures with the help of a digital camera. Some businesses have gone the extra mile in promoting their business brands with the aid of photo sharing contests. Thanks to the customer engagement, followers and likes have increased drastically for their online businesses.

Increase followers to your business brand with Instagram photo sharing contests

Instagram contests can increase followers to your business brand. If you are not using them now, you should start using them for your business today. There have been recent studies that have revealed that photo sharing contests can increase your followers up to 70%.  The following is a guide to some of the best photo sharing contest ideas you can incorporate into your business!

Instagram contests – best ideas to increase followers for your business brand

Online digital marketing specialists have studied some major businesses on Instagram and discovered they had increased their followers by using award-winning contests that bring in increased followers. They observed that contests that trigger user-generated content are effective when it comes to customer engagement and user participation. Contests allow users to involve in a creative process. This reduces stress and improves the mood. User-generated contests help people online to interact and connect with the world around them. This makes them happy. Customer engagement involves sharing, commenting and liking posts. This generates interest and brings in new followers to the business brand.

Seasonal contests

Photo sharing contests during a season are popular to bring in more followers. For instance, photo sharing contests during summer or winter can encourage people to share their special seasonal moments with their network. They get the chance to share their photos and experience with everyone online.


Some businesses hosted a photo-sharing contest on travel where users were encouraged to share pictures of exotic locations. Users shared their experiences and photos with their network. This contest triggers nostalgia and people are happy to share their travel memories online. If you look back at happy memories, you feel loved and valued. They invoke optimism and help you to connect better.

Food photography

This is one of the most common photo-sharing contests you find on Instagram that does well when it comes to increasing the volume of Like4Likeposts. These contests are generally focussed on a theme. For example, a cuisine where you can share pictures of menu dishes of popular restaurants. Users participate wisely as they want their posts to be validated. This enhances self-esteem, and they feel acknowledged.

Give gifts or prizes to followers

Often businesses celebrate a special day with a photo sharing contest where users are encouraged to share pictures of their products. For example, a business might announce gifts to participates on their Founder’s Day if they share pictures of themselves posing with their products. This photo contest is a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the customer. It triggers immense user engagement and participation as well.

If you wish to create a photo-sharing contest for your business, the above ideas will help you increase followers to your brand. The objective of the photo-sharing contest is simple. You need to invoke creativity, a fond memory, value or appreciate your customer, etc. These contests are popular on Instagram as they can trigger customer engagement and participation. You also get the chance to interact with your followers and create a personal bond with them. Those businesses that provide their customers with a personal bond can establish their presence better in the market over those companies that don’t. Instagram contests are fun, and since the platform has an average user age group of 18 years to 30 years, you effectively can engage them for your business brand and attract more followers to your business brand in the process!

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