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Know The Steps To Develop Your E-Commerce Website



If you are in a plan to sell your products online, then, having an e-commerce plan is as important as your business plans. The first step should be to design and write an e-business plan to decide what kind of user experience you want to offer to your online customers. Think of a wider aspect considering two to five years down the road. The e-commerce website should be initiated with e-commerce goals. The time and money required developing and maintaining an online presence will completely depend on answers given to the key questions like who are the targeted customers. What are their expectations or requirements? Are they gathering information’s only or has the potentials to purchase products from the site?
In the second stage, you have to decide on types and category of product that you want to sell online. What are the strategies to position and display them? Are you going to offer to purchase both online and offline? And what will be the process of shipping and returns and how will you handle it?
While going for an e-commerce website development in Kolkata, you should never let go the customer’s requirement to reach a live person. A toll-free number should always be made prominent where they can call anytime and get answered their queries by a live person. While selling products online one of the important elements is to create a shopping cart component which means handling credit and debit card payment processing that makes an organized order fulfillment process.
Finally, just by developing an amazing website, you cannot assume that people will find you on their own. To generate a consistent flow of traffic to your website, you will require the help of the digital transformation companies in Kolkata, who can plan and maintain an ongoing and multifaceted promotional strategy that is carefully targeted towards your audiences. Once you finalize to develop a website of your own then, make a list of URL’s and the website name.
Once you have decided the name then, provide it to your digital agency and they will log on to your favorite search engine and type in the ‘domain registration’. And if you decide to do it by yourself there are various websites like GoDaddy, where you will get step by step information to register your website domain.
To register the website you only have to pay a nominal fee for a year or more. From the list of available names select the one that can be easily pronounced or spelled out. It should be easy to remember and describe the business profile of your company. But ensure that your website doesn’t impose on someone else’s copyright name or trademark. In many cases, the addition to your name of the company with a dot com is the suitable domain name.
The moment the registration process gets over, the focus should be shifted to create a plan as to what you want to offer to your prospective and existing customers online. After this step, the next challenging step is to design and build the actual website and create an online presence.
Now the question is what makes a good website? Before getting ensnared in designing the website in detail, you should understand the complete process by preparing a site outline. The content that you are trying to develop and publish should have a direct relation and assists you to achieve the targeted goals and objectives set for the website. Therefore, a well thought site contents consist:
Content: The key to a successful site is all about contents. Allure the site visitors with lots of useful and interesting information, attractive incentives for visiting and buying and the different modes to contact you. The moment the site is live, constantly go on updating the site with useful and fresh contents to open a way for the customers to revisit your site.
Structure: Decide on a number of pages to have on the site and how they will be linked with each other. To enhance the content, put some interesting graphics and icons.
Design: With the proper content and structure of the content in place, the next thing that is of importance is the site design. Whether you are taking the help of the digital agencies or doing it by yourself, focus on simplicity, readability, and consistency. Remember to stick to what you want to achieve and accomplish with your website being live.
Navigation: Keep it simple and easy for your visitors to browse your website completely. For an instance never exceed than two to three links in the major areas and most importantly never leave your customer on a dead end where they have no clue about the things.
Credibility: This is an issue which shouldn’t be lost in the process or whistled off at the time of establishing the website. Your site should be reachable to all your visitors and depict the story as to why he or she should purchase your product and services when there are lots more in the line. The website should have a professional look and should give the potential customers the feeling of trust and belief that they get while talking over the phone or meeting you face to face during the time of their visit to the store. This helps to remind the visitors that your company exists not only in the cyberspace. The company name, address, phone number, fax, email everything should be displayed on each of your web pages and the site home page. Therefore, the motto is to create a trust in the minds of the customers that the company has a physical existence.
Hence, an outline brings the most out of your website design or e-commerce website that helps to design the budget It also helps to get you an estimate of hiring a solicit company to design a portion of your website or get it done by one of your employees of the company. In this way, you can easily estimate the cost to the company in establishing a well-designed website in the online platform.

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