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10 Creative Ways to Promote Mobile App For Free



If you look into the world of applications, you will be astonished to see more than 2 million applications in the App Store and about 2.5 million apps in Google Play Store.

It is really overwhelming for the users, but the figure may disturb the app developers if they have a plan to take their applications to the millions through a tactical procedure.

Competition is quite violent in the app world, so there must be a planned and productive method to promote your applications.


Here’re some creative ways of mobile application promotion to take your applications to the millions easily and effectively:

Build a Responsive and Interactive Website:

First of all, it is necessary for you to have an online presence before you promote your application. Build an interactive website that can cater all the details regarding the application and the related services.

Social Media Optimization:

A productive promotion at social media platforms can help you prop up your application in the app world effectively. Choose all the popular social media platforms and promote the mobile phone application with all its good features.

Paid Promotion on Social Media Comes as an Alternate:

With the emergence of aggressive online mobile application promotion, you can also think about some paid promotion services in form of CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), and others.

Aggressive Public Relations:

There are some effective methods to exercise an aggressive public relation discourse to promote a particular mobile phone application. You can think about the press release, guest blogging, interviews of tech savvies, and other media engagement.