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How to Select a School for Your Child?



The question for every parent who are looking forward to start their child’s schooling, how do I pick the best school for my child? In Karachi there are many schools and seems like a business running though, but schooling is all about a child’s future and a good schooling would lay a solid foundation in his/her life.

To make a choice for your child, parents should consider the following points before admission and evaluate the school with demo classes and personal visit is must.

1. Know What Your Child Needs-

This may include;

  • Structured environment
  • Challenging work
  • Individual attention
  • Extra help to complete tasks
  • Special learning needs
  • An environment that fosters creativity
  • English language and other co-curricular activities.
  • Activity based learning
  • Individual and group learning
  • Re- creational Activities
  • Sports & Games

2. Infrastructure of a School System-

It’s very important that infrastructure of a school should be a proper campus and school building and not a bungalow turned school for business purpose only. As ideal schools provide sufficient space for their students to play and learn at the same time. Proper play ground with spacious classes, well-stocked library and activity rooms, IT room, laboratory, cafeteria, counsellors, well groomed trained teachers and experienced faculty members are very important for the child overall development and upbringing.

It’s better to personally visit the school and check the environment and structure of the entire system before enrolling one’s child in any school. Schedule an appointment with the principal or if possible attend open house, parent teacher meeting or any other school function. This way one can gather generous information about the attitudes of staff, students, and parents.

3. Curriculum, Facilities and Services-

  • Courses offered.
  • Any foreign language offered
  • Curriculum
  • Challenging courses; International Baccalaureate, and high school honors courses?
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Extra support and enrichment program to support learning needs of children.
  • Is there an effective English language acquisition program for children who need it?
  • If your child has special learning needs, does the school have a curriculum and the necessary supports to appropriately accommodate those needs?
  • Approach to learning; group projects, individual performance, frequent testing.
  • Examination procedure and testing.

Nevertheless, what does the school do to help develop character and citizenship and the core purpose of a school system should be child centered and should work in the interest of child’s development and grooming.

You have to go to the school that will give you a better start on life whether your friend goes there or not. You have to consider YOUR future first at this point. As a manager of best school in Karachi. These are my insights.


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