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How to Write an Argumentative Essay?



Argumentative Essay

While reading English question paper in an examination hall, when students come towards the last section of the paper that ask them to “write a 5oo word argumentative essay on XYZ” then first 30 minutes they waste in thinking “how to make it argumentative?, what does it mean, and how shall I make It effective?

With regards to it, this tutorial article has particularly been written to tell students about the argumentative essay, and guide them how to write it.

What is Argumentative Essay?

 An Argumentative essay persuades your reader to make a change in their view, and opinion about something or someone, whether it’s any policy, subject, any well-known personality, or any factual theory.

In order to convince the reader to acknowledge your view, and persuade them to change their view, you have to provide evidence to support your claim.

Steps to Write an Argumentative Essay

For sake of writing a well-researched and captivating argumentative essay, the primary step is to make a layout.


The layout of the essay is structured into 5 paragraphs in which two paragraphs are written in support of the topic, and one against the topic. If the topic is vast, you can also structure into 6 paragraphs.

All paragraphs are divided into the following way;

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1
  • Body paragraph 2   }   Body Paragraphing
  • Body paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

Let’s start with an Introduction

Introduction –  This is the opening part where you have to analyze the question, and plan it wisely. First, you need to organize the structure, it will help you earn good marks for writing a well-organized and structured essay.

Let’s suppose you’re asked to write “Why studying history is good for students?” Let’s analyze the question.

Why mean you have to give the reason, whereas the keywords Study and History tell the subject you’re going to talk about. The question further needs writer’s own voice. Remember, the examiner doesn’t expect too much (exaggerating material), neither too short (lack of basic information), but you have to give both sides of the essay, that means two paragraphs for supporting your opinion, and one paragraph telling the opposing argument.

Body Paragraphing

When it comes to dissecting the question topic, ask yourself few questions and make answer for them. For example, think “did you find it interesting to read history?” then answer it in two ways; why and why not? Do it in a simple way, take a piece of paper and write “why studying history is beneficial? And make a chart writing positive and negative points.

Then arrange it in topic sentence 1, and 2, and proceed the way. Question it “do you think is it worth learning history for students? and give both reasons if YES, then how and if NOT, then why? This is the basic part of your essay. Then ask, learning history a waste of time or useful investment of time?
While paragraphing, do not forget to add linkers between the sentences, as they are the key to connect ideas, and flow in paragraphs. The useful paragraph linkers are,
And, So, But, Because.

Use these linkers to start the next sentence; whilst, furthermore, to add more information, however, or nevertheless to introduce the contrasting idea, and In conclusion to write your final view.


Remember, the thesis statement should not be too broad, rather make it arguable. Represent one idea per paragraph. Take one point, elaborate it, and exemplify it with help of linkers.

Author Bio:
The author of this article is Alaina Agnes, who is a instructor and she is also giving an inspiring speech at an educational conference. She works with essay crafter uk for undergraduate students.