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7 Ways Images Can Boost Rankings



Low rankings can mean a number of things. If you haven’t been making the best use of images on your pages, that could be why you’ve scoring zero on the SERPs.

More traffic to your site

Keep in mind that images are as essential to your site as your textual content. If these elements work together, then you’ll have better success in getting traffic to your site. Consider the statistics: about one-fourth of all search traffic happens on Google Images. Compare that to the traffic that Bing and Yahoo get, which is about 4.6 percent, and you’ll see how that number is about five times more search traffic than both of these search engines get, combined.

Better exposure of pages

Google has rolled out recent changes to its view image function. In the past, users could access an expanded version of an image if they clicked on the “view image” button. The company removed this feature, which now increases the likelihood of visitors clicking on “visit the site” button instead, Forbes says. That means more traffic to your site, which can contribute to better exposure for your pages.

Expand consumer base

Effective marketing of your products or services includes growing your market. The images you use on your pages can advance those goals. If the images put together too many graphic and font elements, though, that’s going to give out a messy look which can lead to a confusing navigational experience for your customers. You’ll lose plenty of them that way—along with tons of potential traffic simply because they might get turned off by the clutter. If you want to expand your consumer base, then tidy up and fix your images. Hire pros to help you. Digital marketing specialists can assess, sort through and fix the images on your pages. By getting help, you can stay focused on your core business.

Greater brand control

A lot of small business owners make the mistake of dismissing images and often put them on the pages as an afterthought. But if you want to make an excellent first impression on potential clients, then you’ll want to better manage the content they see. That includes careful selection of the images you use. What do they add to the page? What do they add to the experience? Gain better control over your brand narrative when you use images that support the text on your pages, Shopify says. By providing meaningful context, your visitors will gain better appreciation of the content and you get better brand control as a result.

Grow your brand

You can boost traffic to your site with expert use of images. With better traffic, you can expect your conversation rates to improve as well, effectively lowering your bounce rates. That’s going to make a difference in your ROI. You won’t have to worry about low traffic and conversion rates killing your revenue. With help from digital marketing pros, knowing how to leverage images on your pages can help you get the traffic you need, achieve ranking success and revenues along with brand growth.

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