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How To Save Money On Airport Car Parking?



Some parking spaces near the airports in most of the cities charge a fortune every hour. Still, you can find yourself in a much better situation if you are parking by yourself but if you choose valet parking, things might get a little more expensive than you could ever expect. It brings chilling cold in the bone just by thinking of spending $40 – $50 each day just for airport parking.

You might have to make separate saving for airport parking before you leave for vacation because by the time you will return, you would incur hundreds of dollars just for parking. Fortunately, you need not worry as certain ways can bring a smile on your face and a sense of relief just before you leave for vacation. Let us take a look at how we can save money and make airport parking more economic:

Go by a strategy:

If you plan your parking beforehand, the rates would be a lot cheaper than just showing up at the car parking and asking for space. Even a 24 to 48 hours prior booking can save you enough money. Most of the times booking a parking space in advance is very useful. The cost difference could be around $20 – $30 if you book the space in advance. This practice is essentially helpful if you are thinking of parking in peak seasons.

The best way to maintain a good booking habit is by booking the parking space once when your flight tickets are confirmed. Consider this to be a part of the whole process of leaving the city. Before you finalize any parking space make sure that your booking for parking is complementing your flight timings.

Look for options:

The common mistake people make while choosing car parking is that they check companies’ website. What you won’t get in a website is the hidden charges so it is always better to go through a few general websites who put a comparison between different parking spaces and their rates. If you are surfing the main airport parking websites then you are doing a good job because these websites are almost transparent about the charges.

It is also a good idea to opt for parking spaces which are situated at a little distance from the airport. These parking spaces offer cheap rates and you do not have to worry about the time span of your parking.

Research is the key:

Cheap deals look lucrative but it is not the best way to go about finding car parking spaces. You must look for a number of factors in order to settle for the best car parking within your budget. While considering parking spaces you must pay attention to the security and reliability of the respective spaces.

If you can’t find a proper place according to your expectation then start reading online reviews and get a clear perception of all the parking spaces you can avail. Some parking spaces offer great discounts during certain seasons or months. It is always worth looking into great deals even if they are not next to an airport.

Enquire about cancellation policy:

Though it is unfortunate you might have to cancel your holiday arrangements out of the blue and likewise, you might have to cancel your pre-booking of parking space. To avoid potential loss of money in any case like this, it is always better to pay attention to cancellation policy beforehand.  Check terms and conditions before you book a certain parking space and be sure that how much refund you will get and what percentage will be forfeited.

These are the basic considerations before opting for a parking space near or in an airport. You might also need to go and talk in person with the incharge of the parking space you are opting for but considering the above-mentioned ways is imperative to safeguard yourself from any bad deal. We all love to travel, therefore; do not let any hindrance come in between you and your traveling.